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I found online a T-Shirt with a written message of the above Title: FREE PALESTINE FROM ISRAEL OCCUPATION. Never before have I found T-Shirts in a retail store with a political message and of all the messages stated, it is virulently anti-Jewish...not recognizing the Jewish Heritage in the Holy Land.

I have never seen this kind of thing in any Retail Store yet. I will not patronize anymore Sears Stores and that includes K-mart. Done. You will never see mine or my friends or my relatives again!

This is going viral on internet. Go bust! You have no right to stand in judgment over a situation which is not only a political issue but an historical movement of a people forced into dispersion and now thriving again. The Palestinian people are of origins far and wide, migrants from the Ottoman Empire, Balkan and Russian Lands, Egypt, Hashemites and more in the mid 1800's to early 1900's.

If you learn your population census of people's in the regions of Syria and Palestine it will become clear what and how the problem crystallized. So I state here that you are Anti-Jewish in all respects and I will never again shop at any retail store that supports any political agenda.

Reason of review: Sears supporting and promoting political issues in it's sales..

Preferred solution: Your stores should be closed. .

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