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I am quite ticked off about Sears Canada. Believe me...everywhere is the same.

With this particular instance, I ordered 4 filters for my Kenmore Fridge for the sum of just over $450 and they were sent to the wrong address. For me to rectify the problem, I had to place the order again and call a different number to refund me the original amount debited to my credit card (It is the worst set up as their departments are kept in silos - customer service can only accept complaints but do not have the authority or ability to make any refunds). So I ordered for the 2nd time, and they still shipped it to the wrong address. To top it all off, I still have been debited roughly $900 and have not received anything yet (8 weeks after).

Now they tell me I have to order again (what a f'n vicious circle they put me in). I have left like 20 messages to the refund department but they have not made any attempt to call me back. It has been roughly 8 weeks without filtered water. If I get sick/typhoid due to unfiltered/contaminated water, I am getting their a$$ sued.

I am on my way to claw back some money through my credit card. I encourage everyone to not buy at Sears if you have the choice as it has degraded its customer service throughout the years.

Monetary Loss: $900.

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