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Update by user Oct 14, 2018

Chapter 11 bankruptcy is scheduled for this evening and the announcement will be made then. We may not see it tonight media wise, but first thing tomorrow it will be a stark and painful reality.

Also look for a number of Sears locations to close quickly, with some of the remaining viable ones still operating through the holiday season. Hang in there, the really bumpy ride has commensed for all consumers regarding Sears.

Original review posted by user Oct 11, 2018

Pissed Consumer is that avenue to bring attention to the issues and problems with Sears as well as with other companies and merchants who may conduct business in unethical and inattentive fashions. I personally can attest that the incredible passion and forthright resources.

Pissed Consumer employs and encourages issues to be voiced in this platform.

It does make a tremendous difference in obtaining fair, legal and honest conduct for the consumer.

Sears will be filing bankruptcy, potentially on or by tomorrow. Enlist every mechanism available to you to obtain what needs to happen for you immediately. Happy The bankruptcy process is long, strenuous and frustrating and it will take time to completely liquidate stock and property in short sales and price increases to reflect the current retail value of every offering. If you have an issue, now is the time to step up your game and quickly resource every available tool at yoour disposal.

Get out while you can before you get overwhelmed with waiting to see if something will happen.

Its up to you, and do something now. Tomorrow never comes if you fail to act, and you live with the consequences of "what if, if I had only.." etc.

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