I had a refrigerator (Kemore Elite) delivered on September 17th at my new home. I had told the salesperson of our address change and he so noted.

The frig was delived to the correct address, but the handle was missing a set screw that held it to the door. The delivery person got be in touch with the repair parts person and I told him the correct address (They had our old address as well as the new and I advised him to fix) to sent it to (my husband would put it on). Was to be here 7 to 10 days. Didn't show up. After 3 phone calls and 1 on-line to blue crew, found shepped to our old address. Last call September 30th. They promised me to reship (could not expedite as they can't/won't contact anyone by phone).

Needless to say, it is November 2nd. Still not here. Contacted Sears once again. After on the phone for an hour and a half (speaked with 3 different people), they are sending me a new frig. What a crock. They are sending a new frig for a 10 cent screw. How do they make money.

Sure am glad I don't own any stock with them. I'll deal with the Mom and Pop shops from now on. They care whether they keep their customers.

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