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At approximately 3:08 pm I entered the valley stream green acres mall location where I received the worst customer service ever. I walk over to the display case and wait to get the attention of Ann that is in deep conversation with another co worker across the floor.

Once I finally get her attention my coworker inquired about the sale by asking is there a sale because the location is closing. Anna rudely snapped “who told u this store was closing, It is not ! Meanwhile I make my selection of a necklace and request to see it for my toddler. Anna passes me the necklace and tells me the price for the necklace .

My coworker suggests that the price is not a good price for a toddler necklace she starts to say “maybe they put the price higher so it can look like a sale” before I even had the chance to respond Ann snatched the necklace from my hand and proceeded to put it away. I was a bit confused about what had just taken place so I explain to the associate that I was not done looking at the jewelry and I thought it rude for her to snatch the item from my hand. Her response was “we don’t do that here if u feel like the price was fake then leave” I immediately requested her name and the number to corporate to report this incident. Ann refused to get me the number and explained there is no place for me to complain.

My coworker began to get visibly upset at the blatant unwarranted disrespect we were receiving. When she then told me if I wanted to complain so bad I should go look for a manager . After Ann raised her voice repeatedly embarrassing me in front of the other customers my coworker work stated that karma is a *** causing her to become even more irate. She called for the manager demanding we be kicked out .

I was more than happy to wait for the manager because I wanted to alert her about the associates behavior only for the manager rose to come and address the matter in a non Chalant manner. No apology she simply listened to my complaint and and responded with “aight which necklace did u want to see” I of course had no further desire to patronize this location I will never shop sears again .

With employees and Managment like this it’s a wonder how sears even manages to keep its doors open. I demand an apology .

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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