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On New Years Eve in the afternoon I purchased a Jessica sweater. I had a mall Certificate which was given to me at Christmas for $40.00 and I paid the balance of $7.00 interac. The girl who served me told me that I had to buy a Sears Gift Cert. and then purchase the sweater. I said that was fine. She neglected to tell me that if I did not like the sweater and I decided to return it, I would have to get a Sears Gift Cert. back and not cash. When I went to return the sweater yesterday, the clerk told me that I would not get the $40.00 cash it had to be in a Sears Gift Cert. She said I didn't buy it with a Mall Cert. I bought it with a Sears Certificate. I found the transaction whereby it showed the Mall Cert. and that I had to purchase the Sears Cert. Now she said it didn't matter, I wasn't getting the cash. I asked if I could just apply the Sears Gift Cert. to my account and she said no and called the manager. The manager came and everything was explained to her and she said all I could do was obtain the Sears Gift Cert.

if I wanted to return the sweater. I can't understand why I could not apply the Sears Gift Cert. to my account. The money is staying in Sears. I have purchased a lot of items over the year from Sears and I have been a customer with my husband Richard since 1975. I can't believe the way in which this matter was handled. I was very disappointed in the service from Sears. I think that Sears has to better brief their sales clerks on issues like gift cards and returns. Had she told me that if I decided to return the sweater, I would only get a gift card back, I might not have bought it with the card, I would have paid cash and used the gift card for something that I knew for sure that I would not return.

I just didn't have time to try the sweater on so I was unsure of the fit.

Attitudes need to be adjusted also.


Maryanne Meffen

47 Allenhead Crescent,

Brampton, Ontario, L6Z 4J2.

(905) 840-1741

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Suffern, New York, United States #5704

i know alot of stores that when returning products with gift cards you get cash. Walmart for sure does that! If the gift card was purchased and paid for what would be the difference if giving back cash!

Madison, Alabama, United States #1701

i do not know of one store that will give you cash for return purchased using a gift card. if you have ever returned just about anything purchased on a gift card you would know that.

i really dont see a problem with you taking a gift card because as you said you have puchased alot from sears...what would make you quit shopping there. eventually you would probably spend it.

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