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I placed an order with Sears (I assume, maybe a 3rd party vendor) on Monday morning 2/11. A small 4.4 cu ft refrigerator. I got an order confirmation that day and on Wednesday 2/13, I got a notification that the order had shipped. So that wasn’t so bad. A big company like Sears, I suppose the fact it didn’t get put in the mail Monday or Tuesday wasn’t really anything to get upset about. So I clicked on the link in the email for “Tracking” and it took me to the UPS website, but the tracking number didn’t exist. Ok, I thought. That’s happened. They were assigned a tracking number from their shipping computer, but UPS hasn’t actually loaded it on the truck yet. Again, no biggie, this is how it works. What was strange was the shipping number was only 7 digits and started with 77 instead of the typical 1Z. Still, it could have been a temporary number and surely it would be corrected the next day.

Fast forward to today, Tuesday 2/19. The status has been changed on my order to “Delivered” but guess what. The package isn’t at my door. So I called customer service (in India). They tell me the package has been “delivered” to the shipping company Demar Logistics. That’s interesting, I didn’t think that’s what tracking meant. So I asked the customer service lady how long it typically took to get a package “delivered” to the carrier. Her response was 7 business days. So using her logic, I was ahead of schedule.

So I get on the Demar Logistics website and sure enough, the tracking number works there. But it says shipped Thursday 2/14. So why do they have a link for “tracking” on the Sears website that point to UPS when it shipped with Demar? Turns out it was in Grove City, Ohio at noon on Thursday 2/14. Today is Tuesday, 2/19. Grove city is 130 miles (2 hours and 7 minutes) from my house. It’s been marked as “In Transit” this entire time. Granted, Monday was a holiday, let’s not count the weekend (even though we all know UPS and FedEx are still moving packages on the weekend)…so that’s ½ day on Thursday, all day Friday, ½ day today. So it’s been in transit for 2 days? It could be across the country by now.

So I called Demar Logistics. They have my package. They’re a shipping company, not the originating vendor (which I still assume is actually Sears). They’re shipping it FedEx and were able to give me a shipping number. It’s not on the truck yet, but it does show up as a valid number on the FedEx site. I should have it no later than Thursday (according to Demar’s customer service). So we’re looking at 8 business days for a box to be moved 127 miles (all highway from the Columbus distribution center). I fully expect the box to be beat to *** and I’ll have to return the unit. Farewell Sears.

The funniest thing I’ve read in a while was Sears’ customer service page found here: http://www.sears.com/fulfillment-tour/nb-100000000 />Which says “When you purchase a product from us online, we know you'll eagerly await its arrival. We'll ensure its safe delivery and will keep you updated on its progress every step of the way. Some companies look at that as fulfillment. We look at it as fulfilling a promise.” If the promise was to keep me the dark as much as possible, then they kept their promise!

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Looks like this type of behavior from Sears is common. I ordered a gokart for my son's birthday on 7/11/16 ...

got an email from Sears the next day saying it shipped and would be delivered to me on 7/21. The email included a UPS tracking number which I used on the UPS website and was told by UPS that they had received the shipping sticker. The UPS website did not show any movement/progress of my package over the course of the next week. On 7/18 I talked to Sears and was told the next day that the package was being shipped by Demar.

I got through to Demar the next day and they tell me the package would be delivered to me on 8/1 or 8/2. My son's birthday came and went now without his big present thanks to Sears and their empty promise of a delivery on 7/21.


I ordered a 65" TV from K-Mart on Dec 2. Dec 3 the info was sent to Demar Logistics.

They said it would be delivered to my house on Dec 8 and gave me a tracking number. I have worked in shipping and know that just because they give a shipping number and say its shipped, doesn't mean it has been shipped.. it just mean a shipping label was created, HOWEVER.. i got a delivery estimate of Dec 8.

I kept track of it every day. On December 6, I noticed it had not moved. (at least it didn't say it on the tracking info). I called..

they said it will be there by Dec 8. I called Demar Logistics. she said they tried to pick it up from the vendor three times but it wasn't ready. I called Kmart/Sears back which by the way on my shipping info at this point said..

Has not shipped yet..call sears and gave me a 1800 number. i called.. (its very frustrating to be FRUStRATED and get someone to HELP you who's English is clouded with a heavy accent of something else.. because i spent half my time REPEATING myself and saying WHAT?

EXCUSE ME.. anyhoo.. they promised to call back within 24-48 hours.. NO CALL..

so i called back on Dec 9. I explained that i know its christmas and things can get delayed..just tell me where it is and if its even going to get shipped.. *** THEY HADN"T EVEN CHARGED ME FOR IT AT THIS POINT!!!!!!.. it had been a week since purchase.

so The next day on Dec 10.. they charged me and sent an email saying it is in transit to destination terminal.. im assuming that means its on its way to ..... Me?..

illinois?.. where is destination terminal?.. anyhoo.. i expect it will take a few more weeks..

im hoping my husbands christmas isn't screwed up... this is ***. ill never ever ever ever ever ever order not even a HAIR PIN from Sears or Kmart again... because when you talk to them.

an apology is the best you'll get.. kmart or sears wouldn't even dare compensate you for your trouble or time.. i spent $90 on shipping as to be expected.. they could have found a way to have this overnighted to me..

they do stuff like this all the time. you're messing with peoples schedules and lives here.. especially gifts for people.. anyhoo.NEVER again!

especially no recourse for THEIR actions.


I am currently going through the same ordeal, it's frustrating and annoying that we have to "track" down and investigate to find out where our shipment is..don't think I'll be purchasing anything from sears or kmart online anymore!!! Still awaiting my package!!!


Very upset I was promised my delivery between 11:00 and 3:00 waited all day. Called costumer service and they had the driver call me.

He was supposed to call one half hour before drop off , never got a call. He said didn't see my house and had passed by and it would be a couple hours before he would return. The following day I still have nothing! And Demar costumer service is closed.

Driver no longer takes call! Mad and sad company's need to consider a different delivery service before dealing with Demar.


Boy is this story true. I ordered a tool box and was led to believe it would ARRIVE on 5-27 but now I find out all that is was the date this DEMAR outfit gets package.

I still wont have it for over another week. What a joke. Don't ever ever order from Sears online unless you are ready to wait for over a month to get whatever it is you ordered.

Now watch it show up like it was air dropped.


Dear Carol,

Thank you for contacting sears.com regarding your order number 604374761. Please accept our apologies for the delay in receiving the playhouse that you ordered. I understand the disappointment caused to you with our customer service. I appreciate the opportunity to assist you.

I have forwarded a request to our fulfillment center to check the status of your purchase and provide you with an update. You should expect to receive a response from us via email within 8 business days.

I know that your time is valuable and we appreciate the fact you took the time to give us feedback on our performance.

The feedback that you have provided today regarding our customer service will be taken into consideration as we continue to enhance our services to meet the needs of our customers going forward.

Need additional assistance? Click here to Chat or Talk with us now!


Jenna N. (jnair0)

Sears Customer Care



Original Message Follows: ------------------------

My Sears experience-- Long Story below, includes email to "whatever department". Still waiting to determine where order is. My

Good Day Mr. Jooman:

I'd like to express my sincere dissappointment in the handling of my order.

Order placed & paid for on Dec 4. All correspondence received indicated order to be delivered on Dec. 17.

No communications received stating problems, back orders, etc.

Several calls placed to Sears, & the shipper lead to the following facts:

On Dec 17, order status was delivered with Sears website providing a tracking number.

Following the steps, proceeded to track the order to determine where the items was in fact delivered.

Upon entering the tracking number provided by Sears, "no such tracking number existed with the shipper"?

Really -- contacted Sears-- eventually informed the tracking number on Sears website was wrong "should not have contained any letters & if I recall, there were NOT enough numbers originally listed.

Sears provided me the shipping company info.

Combined information from Sears Upper Management & Demar logistics lead to the information below:

1. Shipper received notice of shipment on Dec 5.

2. Sears supplier was not sent order until Dec 9.

3. Sears supplier did NOT send order to shipper until Dec 18 -- a day after Sears website stated my item had been delivered.

4. Item was ordered nearly 3 weeks prior to date needed, Sunday Dec 22.

5. No emails, phone calls or other communication was sent by Sears informing me of any delays.

6. Sears did agree to credit my account with the shipping; HOWEVER

7. The fact remains that my granddaughters did NOT received their playhouse, which has now resulted in my having spent an additional $200+ which my budget cannot afford, to allow them to have something to open on our FAMILY Christmas. How do you explain to two out of nine grandchildren, you have NO presents to open, when everyone else is opening presents from cousins, uncles & aunts, & Nanna! You don't-- you go out & buy more-- then show them a picture of what they are getting, but have no idea when it will be here or where it is.

8. On the call being transferred from the Shipper to Sears Upper Management (SUM), SUM informed me that the information SUM provided was available to every level that I had contacted.

9. Here it is Christmas day, the latest information from shipper is "item at terminal for delivery" -- am certainly not going to contact them today, as it is Christmas day.

10. The irony one could say, is that I realized what a valuable asset Sears really was, with the Rewards program, general product reliablity etc. & had intended to increase my limited, budgeted shopping with Sears-- due to the Rewards program. However with the interest rate substantially high, I have been able to secure a personal loan to pay off my Sears account.

11. Whether or not my faith in Sears will be reinstated, is yet to be determined. When my children were young, I did most of my Christmas shopping via the Sears Christmas catalouge.

12. In hind sight, a sign this may have been a problem order can be described as follows:

Placed order on line, using my Sears Credit account.

Received a confirming email, my order was on hold for however many hours, until I went to a local Sears store to pay for the order.

How could this be, I provided my account number, etc, and placed the order.

Went to local store, to pay for order "any register" was the statement on the order.

First register, said Order not in system, does not exist.!

How could this be, here is a copy of my oder number & the email stating I needed to "go to any register to pay, before order would be placed

Clerk upon asking me what the order was, said she couldn't access the order, I needed to go to Lawn & Garden. Unfortunately, I did NOT note her name as -- walking away extremely disgusted, she says "aint nothing I can do, I can't see the order if it's not there."

Going to L&G department the kind CSR -- Scott maybe was his name --- was able to pull up the order with no problem, didn't understand why the previous CSR wasn't able to.... Nonetheless, I was happy, paid for the order, & walked away with happiness, knowing the item was being delivered on Dec 17 -- 5 days before our Family Christmas. --- He also noted that my rewards account had NOT been properly credited, gave me the contact number for that division. Upon contacting the Rewards section, they were also more than agreeable to resolve and fix my problem, even reinstating some lost points, -- I didnt' realize they expired-- Kuddos to them-- which is what inspired me to return to Sears for more shopping. Before I knew the status of the playhouse, I think I spent another $200 + at Sears. And See item 7, then I felt compelled to go shopping and spend another $200+ for the girls to have something to open.

Here's hoping something can be done to better train some CSRs, update the website with correct & proper delivery information, improve communication.

Have a safe & happy holiday and hope you didn't order any large item from Sears.

Looking forward to hearing from you staff in the near future.


Subject: sears

Date: Fri, 20 Dec 2013 15:30:55 +0000


Consider yourself lucky, Jazmin. I ordered at the end of November.

It's December 24... and my package has been trapped between Demar Logistics and the local carrier in my state, which, get this --- doesn't actually do residential deliveries. I bought through Kmart --- and the kind India support at Sears don't even see the order! Which, of course, also shows 'delivered'.

My next action is to contest the credit card charges, and buy from a reputable store. Just utterly insane.


my order was placed on Dec 4 with delivery on Dec 17 -- perfect for our family Christmas on Dec 22. I've told my story with the reply from Sears. Disappointed & Broke in Texas


I am dealing between sears and demar now and no one is taking responsibility for anything or know where my package is. All the Demar website on has is that on 12/20 at 8:13 PM they received my shipment information which is infuriating enough since the item was ordered on 12/12 with an estimated arrival of 12/21.

How did they not receive any information regarding the shipment of my item until the night before! Then they have in transit 12/20 at 10:07 pm when I call them they say all they know is it is in transit not what distribution center it is going to in my area. They say once it arrives to a distribution center near me they will call me to set up an appointment to deliver my item. The approximated time for that will be 7 to ten business day!!

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! I am looking for my package to be delivered at this point after January 1st! I WILL NEVER ORDER OFF SEARS OR ANY OF ITS AFFILIATED WEBISTES AGAIN. Oh and as for DEMAR WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!

I will be reporting both businesses to the better business bureau. I recommmend all of you consumers with this situation do too.

Sears Response

Dear Anonymous,

We are terribly sorry your recent online experience regarding your refrigerator has been such a disappointing one. This sounds like it was a frustrating situation for you and this is certainly not the type of experience our customers deserve. My name is Delfa B. and I’m with the Sears Cares Social Media Support team and we would like to help. We would like to have one of our dedicated case managers contact you in order to ensure proper resolution to your issue and an end to your frustration. Please send the following information – contact #, screen name (Anonymous385945) and the phone # used at time of purchase to smadvisor@searshc.com. Again, we apologize for any trouble we have caused and we hope to speak with you soon.

Thank you,

Delfa B.

Social Media Moderator

Sears Social Media Support