Before I go into my rant about my recent trip to Sears, I want to point out that it isn't the employee's fault. Rather it is the company's fault for not properly training their employees. The service at Sears would greatly improve if the company gave two *** about their customer service. It is obvious though that the

I went to buy clothing at Sears, in Torrance CA. Picked out 4 pairs of pants with the 50% off for the 2nd pair. No problem yet, then to checkout...It must have been awhile since I was in there last time since all the mini checkout stations have been consolidated into one giant station. You'd think it would be more efficient, but it wasn't. I was 3rd in line, with 1 cashier working, and waited almost 30 mins to get up. Then as I was expecting to hand over my card I got a barrage of questions of "do you want to join this" or, "are you a member of that". The top question was "do I want to join the Sears team?" as in work there, or do I know of anyone looking for work. When I said no, I was given a piece of paper stating who to call to apply. I said no thanks, but they would not let me not take it. (I gave in and took it, only to put it back on the counter)....

The following week I wanted to return 3 of the items I had bought last week (see above). I'll spare the details of another checkout line wait. Without tax, the return was to be $145. The girl handed me $126. I told her that didn't seem right since I bought 2 pairs of pants at full price ($58.00), and one at half price ($29.00). She looked back at the receipt, then back at the register, (BTW, I think these registers are the same ones they had back in 1970), then back at me then back at the receipt, then pulled out the calculator, then back to the register to finally turn back to me to say: "I don't know what to tell you". So I said she should probably call the manager...The manager went over the transaction of what had just happened, and began to tell me that since the return had already taken place, she couldn't figure out what went wrong. Huh?!?!? I think she got the hint from my response she should try and figure out something else, so then she went back thru everything and decided to undo the initial return and start over. We ended up finally getting it solved, and the correct amount was finally handed over to me.

My original plan was to return these pants and buy another brand. But after these 2 separate experiences within a week, I decided to just go and try on the other pants I was looking at and go online and buy. After reading these other complaints before writing this, I don't think I'll even buy online with Sears.

It's hard to say cause I've been shopping here for ever and can get most anything I need, but I don't think I have the patience anymore to deal with the customer service/checkout scene.

New plan: Go to Sears to Try on Clothes, Buy Online Somewhere Else!

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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