I'd been a confirmed Sears buyer for decades. A year and a half ago, I bought a Kenmore top-mount freezer fridge that promptly broke down.

It was repaired under warranty. Three weeks ago, it broke down again. I called the customer center, and a very nice customer rep promised me not only a 2 percent discount but also a rebate equal to what the repairs would have cost me. I got an e-mail with the case number.

After two more calls that included a promise for a check instead of a credit card rebate (since I heard nothing more), I learned today from a fourth call that included about 15 minutes of "research" that the check had been issued and cancelled twice because it had been done under warranty and the rep shouldn't have promised me such a thing (he had done this after speaking with a superior). No one even gave me the courtesy of a contact call.

This is a way to treat loyal customers? To me, this is not only not a company that doesn't stand behind its product but also one that prevaricates, fabricates and plays its customers.

Meanwhile, I've been stuck with a broken refrigerator for two weeks.

They've lost a 40-year customer and I've contacted them as such. I'll most likely get an e-mail with a syrupy "Oh, we're so sorry about that."

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