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Tried to purchase a washer/dryer from Sears. Unfortunately could not guarantee delivery. Purchased washer/dryer at the Sears outlet in Tinley Park, IL instead. Washer/dryer was to be in box purchase. When delivered dryer was deeply dented. Installers installed washer improperly and on testing water all over laundryroom floor. I told them I would clean up. That's when I noticed huge dent on other side of dryer. Returned to outlet store. Took my information and said "give us 7-10 days" for shipment. After 12 days and no response I returned to store. They said they did not have any information. BUT they had just received new items. Scheduled another delivery. 10 minutes before the deadline to deliver they cancelled. So I cancelled the order. Lost 2 days of vacation.

Decided to give Sears store in Chicago Ridge another try. Was able to order washer/dryer but had to delay delivery because washer was on back order. Okay. Was told to keep original washer/dryer until delivery of new items. (I did not use the appliances because I knew they were going to be returned. Over 1 month without washer/dryer. Laundrymat costing $$$$ and time consuming). 2 days before delivery I receive an automated call that delivery will now take place on December 20th instead of Nov. 28. I tried calling for 2 days but was always put on hold (all automated). Even as I was on the phone trying to get through, Sears was calling on our home phone saying they needed to reschedule delivery and we needed to contact them. That's what I was doing on the other line but couldn't get through!!!

Finally decided to call Customer Service (HAHAHA) who gave me the runaround. Was directed to Store Manager's voicemail. Left msg but never received a return phone call. Went back to store and complained. They said the would give me an upgrade on dryer and it would be delivered within 2 days as this dryer was in stock. Okay. Returned home only to have another message later that night that a delivery was schedueld for the next day. I asked how can this be when I was told the original appliances weren't going to be delivered until Dec. 20th and the new products weren't gong to be delivered until Dec. 1st? So you have the merchandise or don't you in stock? So I cancelled the original delivery (as I didn't have any more vacation days)

No wonder Sears is going under. Poor Management, communications, customer service. One hand doesn't know what the other is doing. I had worked for Sears many years ago. Product and Customer Service was prime back then. Goodbye Sears!

Reason of review: I needed to mark off more than just one item on this list. Same goes for "So I want". I would like to see a price reduction and delivery confirmation..

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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