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I Hired A Independent Contractor, To do some kitchen repairs.he made a mess and said for me not to worry that he has these people, that will come and clean up after him well what happened next is they cleaned up and everything seemed to be ok, but he left while they were cleaning and when they finished he did not answers or return my phone calls, so the two men dressed in a sears logo uniform and a sears van told me that i had to sign, he was a big black man very intimidating and so i did as he told me, and then he kept on writing on the paper, for a few minutes and ripped out a copy and told me that i needed to pay him a excess of 700$, i told him i am not the one who called you or instructed you to do anything for me and i'm not responsible for this bill, i tried calling the contractor, and i even went to the other houses he was working on with the sears workers, upon arrivial at the two other houses the front doors were open and the house was vacant and nobody was there, i further told them that he needing to pay them his name was on the invoice and that there harassing me that there going to call the police on me, so we came back on my home and they stood in the driveway like two burglars waiting to kill somebody or like a snake waiting to strike, i approached them and said to them, this is very ugly and i don't like this you're in front of my home in a very bad manner and i want you's to leave my home i even insisted that if i had to pay the bill i will just for them to leave my home, i only had under 100$ on me, they said there gonna stay here as long as it takes to get there money, they took 20$ cash from me and said there gonna go eat some lunch and come back they never left, and kept my money, the next thing that happened is the police arrived. and they said that i told them everything to do and they lied to the police, and the police because they believed them called me a liar and a cheater, the police later arrested me, for theft of services, and i went to jail for 5 days and i'm out on bail right now, i'm going to let the whole world know what sears has done to me, and how these criminals of sears treated me and my family for charges excess of 700$ to clean a carpet and chairs, and i repeat i did not authorize or consent to any work done by anybody other than the contractor, there is going to be a court hearing on Aug 30th 2012, i intend to call the media and the public at large, to know this scandal and price gouging, i been a customer at sears since i was a child, im 47 years old now and i never had a bad experience with sears before,


peter yonko

conact number - (770)912-0328

Monetary Loss: $700.

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