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My wife and I had bought a billiard table for our upstairs game room for our brand new house. Delivery day came and two men brought the billard box in.

One of the delivery men stated there is no way we can carry this upstairs as they only have 2 guys. We told them we weren't asked where the billiard table would go otherwise we would have specified so they can get adequate personnel to come and complete the delivery process. They left and had this box sitting in our foyer up against the wall. 5 calls later to customer service we finally get a representative that knows what they are doing to schedule a 4 man team to complete delivery upstairs in our home.

My wife and I decided to open the box and decrease the weight as it would be easier to carry everything piece by piece. Upon moving the box away from the wall we notice scuffs, scratches, and fingerprints all along our wall. Saturday came and 2 delivery men walk in. I asked where are the rest of the guys.

Sears said they were sending in a 4 man crew. one of the delivery guys says the other 2 man team was supposed to come but it was out of the way. they unbox the table of the billiard table and find that it is chipped. By now I'm just frustrated and told them it was small enough I can deal with it.

The 2 men hall it upstairs in doing so they scratch up the wall. I asked the delivery guy who I need to contact for damages. He responds saying contact customer service. After they left I called customer services and they told me they should have taken pictures and reported the damage.

I took pictures and sent to sears claim dept and now awaiting them to call me back. Worst delivery experience of my life!

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Thinking you could do a better job, next time drag it up the stairs yourself. Problem solved

to Mina1985 #1480688

Mike1980 and potentially, Mina1985 - Interesting observation. Remember we all face the Three Point Truth Trajectory: Their side, our side and the truth.

Freedom to express your concerns and 'observations' relies upon your own related experiences and how you can be helpful by expressing your own experience in a like situation. Assist others where you have been and help make it better."Nothing has such Power to BROADEN THE MIND as the ability to INVESTIGATE systematically and truthfully all that comes in your own observation of life." ---Marcus AureliusThank You!


What is obligatory upon delivery is examination by the consumer/purchaser. Once physical contact is made to the delivery address and the item is signed off for, their obligation has been legally conducted.

My mother underwent a similar, yet very different experience; however, the specifics of it's final place for assembly is up to the homeowner, as specific insurance for your home and the shippers insurance are two completely different spectrums. I am not pointing out errors, nor am I insinuating anything; nonetheless, your responsibility lies where it will eventually end up.

Sears held up their end of the bargain. Hope this helps!

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