Chicanery:Deception by artful subterfuge or sophistry.TRICKERY. SLICK WILLIE image.

For a very long time, SEARS has had a Leasing Arrangement with certain Businesses whereby they will provide space in a SEARS Store in return for a Commission on the sales of that Business. Most SEARS Customers are not aware of such arrangements and rightly assume they are doing business with SEARS when any transactions occur. In Essesence they are, because ALL SEARS POLICIES spply and supersede any ACTIVITIES OR PRACTICES of the CONCESSION.

ALL TRANSACTIONS have to be rung-up through the SEARS Register and SEARS retains a COMMISSION ON SALES of the CONCESSION which is compensation for providing the SPACE.

In the case of MIRACLE-EAR, it is obvious that SEARS must not be aware of the Marketing and Sales Practices taking place on their Premises.

Over the years, SEARS has had their own problems with the Government regarding "Bait & Switch" and other problems of FRAUD.

SEARS has a reputation of INTEGRITY,SERVICE,& CUSTOMER SATISFACTION,that they are very protective of, and would never knowingly allow, much less condone, acts of CHICANERY, by anyone.

They obviously do not screen, and cannot beawre of, the type and tone of the Advertising that is being produced by MIRACE-EAR which gives the IMPRESSION of being under the AUSPICES of SEARS MANAGEMENT.

The Deception of seeming to be conducting a Research Project in the Sale Of Hearing Aids is disgusting.

The Current MIRACLE-EAR Los Angeles Times Advertisement Announcing that MIRACLE-EAR is looking for ONLY 30 PEOPLE for a STUDY to determine if their new hearing aids serve the purposes they claim they do, reflects a lack of integrity.The intent is so obvious and reflective of CHICANERY that it is be used in a Class Room on BUSINESS & PERSONAL ETHICS.How & Why, not to do business with someone.

The reality of the SCHEME, has to become OBVIOUS to even the most NAIVE Consumer.

When the Advertisement includes,(by Law & Sears Policy) that if NOT SATISFIED all monies will be refunded, ALARMS SHOULD GO OFF.

Let there be no doubt, as required by California Law, a Contract has to be provided and signed, that the so-called SURVEY products (HEARING AIDS) have to be paid for either by Cash or Credit Card, and then the 30 Day Trial Period, as Required by California Law begins.

Anyone using this type of CHICANERY to sell Hearing Aids, would say and do anything to keep them sold. They would delibertly stall the return of the Products beyone the 30 TIME PERIOD and then use that as an excuse as to why the Hearing Aids can't be returned.


It is interesting that BELTONE HEARING AIDS employs the same TRICKERY as MIRACLE-EAR, but they do it primarily through DIRECT MAIL. It must be less expensive and less conducive to LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICIALS.

What I am amazed at, is that California Licensed Hearing Aid Dispensers and Business Owners, would jeopardize their State Dispensing License by participating in FRAUD.

I have previously stated you can tell more from an ADVERTISMENT than the Obvious Message.

What will the People involved do behind your back, if they are so brazen in obviously UNETHICAL PRACTICES?


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