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Some background.

I was in the automotive parts sales business for 20 years, selling equipment, parts and supplies directly to garages. I know cars pretty *** well along with parts, prices, and the various repairs cars need. I know brakes and haven't paid for a brake job in 30 years. I don't think I have ever taken a car to Sears for work though I have bought maybe 3,000$ worth of Michelin and other tires there over the years.

Anyway, my kid is 100 miles away from home at college when the brakes start making a grinding noise. He drives the car to Sears in Ft Wayne Indiana. When he gets there the car is leaking brake fluid at one wheel. He leaves the car for sears to check out.

Sears checks out his car and tells him he needs a front end brake job,.... 500$. Now this started with a leak on one side and I'm sure it's a caliper or a hose on that side of the car. We don't need a full brake job for this repair and if the other side is worn, I can do a full brake job for less than 200$ at home so I'm not paying 500$ without looking at it.

I called the place to see what's going on and explain that we just need to get the car home. They confirm the caliper on that side was stuck and is now leaking. The pads are shot. So, I'm thinking good, I could fix it for less than 100$ and Sears should be able to do it in 200 - 250$ range.

Can they fix one side? After about 2 minutes on hold, Yep, they can fix one side 325$.

There's no way in *** that's a 325$ job. I can do it for under 100$. I try to reason with them but can't, 325$. I ended up yelling at them and saying my kid would come and get the car. I told my boy to pay them whatever their check out charge was and find a local mechanic or get the stuff to do it himself.

Now Sears can charge whatever they want. I don't have to do business with them. I can shop around or do it myself. The cost, though highway robbery, was not the main issue of this complaint. this is......

My kid goes to get the car with instructions to pay any check out charge. They, Sears, says no charge but they won't give him the car! They say they can't let it leave the lot in that condition it has to be towed out. They have the car jacked up and won't give him the keys.

The car is in exactly the same shape it was in when it drove onto their lot?! How can they do that? They did...

They held it hostage until we called a wrecker.

*** Sears. I'll never buy another auto related thing from them and will tell all my Sears horror stories every chance I get. I have to get my wrecker fee back and that seems to be my only recourse.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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When you sign off on having the car inspected you make Sears liable for any safety issues - malfunctioning brakes are a huge safety issue. Regardless of what it costs for you to do a complete brake job, and your very lengthy proclamation of your immense ability and knowledge, you really should ask yourself a glaring question in regards to your son who is away at college - what message am I sending my boy that I would rather he drive a car with brake failure (death trap) home, than lay out $325 for his safety?

I imagine if you got past your chagrin for a moment, you would recognize that aside from your boys life being worth $325.....his viewpoint on how his father REGARDS HIM is worth at least as much. And if it ain't, lets hope the apple fell far from the tree......

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