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First off let me tell you that I have been a loyal Kenmore customer since 1976. All my appliances are Kenmore, but you probably have heard this before.

After the problem I ran into Friday afternoon I don’t think I will purchase Kenmore products anymore. I brought a Die Hard Battery in 2010. I notice that when I left the head lights on for five minutes the battery was almost dead. I stopped by Auto Zone to have it checked out.

It took them FIVE minutes to check the battery and tell me that the battery is bad. I went to the Sears Service Center at the Hickory Ridge Mall in Memphis Tn. to have it checked out again and to replace it. I first talked with a black lady about getting my battery checked out.

I told her I would take it out of the truck and bring it in to get it checked out. She told me that it would be THREE hour process to have it checked. I questioned her about why it would take so long. Her reply was that’s the process that they have to follow.

She said if I left it in my truck and let the service center take my truck in the shop that they could possibly get it checked out in less time. I asked how could it take less time when I can bring the battery in and get it checked out now. She said again that was the process. I asked to speak with the service manager.

I spoke with Michael, he told me that it would take at least FORTY EIGHT minutes to have my battery checked out because that’s the process that Die Hard batteries have to go through. I said well she said three hours……He said it wouldn’t take that long…..I told him I know the battery is bad I have already had it checked out. Again he said the process takes forty eight minutes for Die Hard Batteries. I asked to speak with the store manager, Michael said he was out of town.

I asked for his direct phone number he gave me a number but it wasn’t his direct number, It was the store number. Now stop and just think, how many times have I been given the wrong information so far…….. Well it doesn’t end yet. I called the number 901-369-7652 and asked for Joey Hill, I was told he wasn’t in.

I asked for his voice mail. She told me I’m not sure if he has a voice mail…..I said sure he does, she says hold on…..the phone started ringing, and ringing unit it went back to the same person. I asked for his voice mail again........again she said hold on…..this time it just kept ringing…I finally just hung up. Now think about what all I just told you….Do you think someone needs some training.

There’s even more yet. While I was writing this complaint I decided to call another Sears Service Center. I called the Sears on Germantown Pkwy. And spoke with Elton in the service department.

I told him about my the problems I was having with my battery (not the problems I had at the other store) and this was his response…….Give me your name again so I can look up your information on which battery you brought. Mr. Martin you brought your battery in 2010 and it was a Die Hard gold and that it should be under full replacement warranty. I asked what the process was on testing the battery.

He told me that he had to check the battery to see if it was bad and that process could take anywhere from TWO minutes to FORTY eight minutes. I told him I would be there first thing in the morning, He told me he would be waiting to see me. That was the kind of service I expected from Sears. Neither the employee or the service manager from the Hickory Ridge store ever asked me for any information to look up when I bought the battery nor did neither one say that the test could only take from TWO minutes to FORTY EIGHT minutes, just three hours to forty eight minutes.

Does anyone wonder why Sears is losing their business……Employees and managers don’t have the correct training or just don’t care about the customer any more. I’m not one to get angry very often but this really upset me.

If they would have told me the test would take two to forty eight minutes I think the problem could have been avoided. I will never go back to the Hickory Ridge store again and furthermore I don’t think I will shop at any Sears store again.

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Sears Response

Dear Cmartin1,

My name is Edwin and I work with the Sears Social Media Escalations team. We apologize for the level of customer service rendered to you and how it was handled in reference to your battery. Given the opportunity, we’d like to talk to you in reference to your experience. Please send the following information – contact #, screen name (Cmartin1), phone # used at time of purchase to SMAdvisor@searshc.com.

Thank you,

Edwin C.

Social Media Moderator

Sears Social Media Support

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