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Sears Home Improvement FAQ: 1). Was the product covered under a single agreement, or as a WHOLE HOME COVERAGE 'Package' or "bundling" of its home maintenance service?

Please refer to: 2).

Terms and Conditions of Service: Dispute Resolution/Arbitration: Hang tight...I have today off from work, as I need to 'burn off' accrued PTO...but I we are working toward a goal. Bear with me, I'm older, (xD) but I have more 'insurance' lol!

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Hello Secret Boa:

I understand and empathize with your situation, and I hope that what and perhaps many others as verified users and as well as others who have related experiences to assist. We will try and find some avenues that may help you and others regarding the same issues to find an immediate resolution.

If I or others can be of help to you, it is a honor and pleasure to do so.

In reading and reviewing what you have written, I have a few inquiries as to details, if I may:

1). Can you tell us when the purchase for this item was made?

2). Was the purchase made through Sears Hybrid store, Sears Hometown or Sears Outlet Store, or was the purchase made on line?

3). Did you purchase a maintenance agreement for this item?

4). In closest proximity to your home address, where is the largest metropolitan city, and to your own knowledge, was this where the Sears A & E would be dispatched from?

My approach is to collect some pieces of information that can look at this third person, and determine of the purchase chain and its subsequent paths, (Where it should lead, exponentially).

While many of the wonderful features for Sears A & E used to be the industry repair standard, after acquisition of Kmart and Sears in 2004 to finalization in 2005, much of the cutting away of goods and services announced the debacle all consumers are left with now. Prior to my mother's experience with Sears, I used to have a Protection Agreement for every Sears manufactured item, even a garage door opener. Sears A & E always delivered exceptional service, on-time, helpful, very professional and knowledgeable. Sears A & E ALWAYS followed through with their service calls, insuring quality service and effective execution before, during and after every visit to repair or maintain. Once upon a time, sadly; but now no longer. Huge Bummer. :(

If Sears A&E made the service call, surely they would have communicated (or should have upon arrival at your residence), made the correct diagnosis (which from the understanding gained from the experience you had) it 'appears' that Sears A & E had forthright knowledge of your issues, but dispatched a technician do complete a 'troubleshooting' session, order the part(s) and then keep you in cyber limbo. That aside, it was for a refrigerator that according to Sears Home Improvement (which Sears A & E is under its umbrella of services) they have 'trained' technicians (if certified) your issues SHOULD have been dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Please let us know, if you can any additional details, and we can try to help.

Thanks for reading and listening.

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Here's What You Can Do regarding your issues with Sears (REMEMBER THIS IS A SUBJECTIVE OPINION): ;)1).Research, collect and gather ALL of the information regarding your claims and documented, proof of your purchase, etc regarding completing the necessary the steps involved and comprise a strategy.(Once you conclude your own defense, project what your desired outcome is. At this juncture, access your legal avenues (even if you have to hire a professional mediator and/or an attorney) to follow it through for you.

Request from these sources what would be the proper and legal way to do so in pursuing your claim.2). Follow Through! If you have exhausted every available resource, collected related experiences, assessed your own handling and the suggested paths of action, (if still unsuccessful) then file a formal complaint with the state AG of your residence, the Better Business Bureau, Consumer and the Federal Trade Commission.(It is advisable for you to complete step one first, and involve/inform the entities and parties involved to move to this step here).3). Consumer can grant information where we may be lacking.

It is a valuable resource tied in: Also, strongly consider going through the Consumer Affairs Division of your state of residence. NJ, CA and many other states through cooperative partnership/intervention with your States AG are invaluable sources of information and resolution.4). Stay informed and follow up with each entity involved.

Knowledge is empowering, and stay vigilant regarding your and their contributions. In other words, be realistic, calm, confident and insured. Remember, where your mind wanders, your feet follow.5). Inform others of your progress through the avenues and resources you used and contacted.

We all rely upon updates to see how well and successful your efforts are.Please let Pissed Consumer know how things are going. They have some great tools and avenues to help cut through the chase.

to AeternumVale #1482772

Home Maintenance Service/Warranty/Protection Agreements(If Applicable to your situation & problem): The Federal Trade Commission has a Consumer Information page concerning warranties and subsequent definitions as to your the pursuit of action, should you want to delve further. Remember, RESEARCH, STUDY and PERFORM within the points outlined above.

I am out of the direct fight with Sears, as they have conducted and performed well to my mother's dilemma and assisted us in making it right for her. Ultimately, this is what I subjectively offer in OPINION, after assessment, in how her experiences and outcome can relegate and assist each of you: the approach, three variables to be address, executing the proper variable according to the specific details of your situation. If the 'limited warranty' has not yet expired, your course of action would be directed toward where you purchased it from (which you have in many regards), and the ultimately liability would be to enter into a centrifuge of more problems.However, for major home appliances, HVAC, etc., a protection agreement would minimize the cost of repair and replacement, IF it is through a Sears vendor or an independent contractor on Sears' behalf. In lieu of such information, you can politely request a third party repair contractor, who has professional, expert technicians who are trained/certified to insure such an inquiry aligns with your experiences and proofs, and it may be such action to persuade Sears/SHC to have an independent and unbiased review of their own contractors/vendors.

The expectation is that Sears follows through with the 'important promise' to stand behind everything they sell (2018, FTC/articles/0252-warranties).Please let us know how everything turns out, should it be a successful venture. As consumers, we rely upon one another to assist and offer suggestions as how to combat these issues.

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