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UPDATE: Inform yourself of what you are buying, first; who you are purchasing it from (from the company itself or through vendors who merchandise/solicit the product/service) second, and third, research what other companies offer the same product and compare it to what you may potentially be getting into. Thanks to all who are working hard to help you cut through the mess.

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Here are some suggestions that I have employed in years past to help you and others encountering this same customer treatment, and how to get them to honor the warranty/protection agreements with you honored legally. It is ubiquitous and subjective in my own experiences, but they are effective, accurate and legal:

1. Hold Sears accountable and responsible for their Home Warranty/Maintenance Guarantee. On the Sears HW service page, it is stated that you can place a claim at Sears Home Warranty Services (regarding your problem) by calling and/or going on line to place a claim. Here is the actual language on their website @ I would recommend using the on line claim suggestion, and stay away from calling them.

Stick to you informing Sears A &E that you want an independent repair and subsequent service according to their own admissions. You have already conducted resolution to the problem that Sears placed you in within your post, you are afforded that right. (refer to Sears A&E Factory Service:

2. According to the Sears A&E web page:

“Placing a claim is easy - just go visit or call (855) 256-2467 to request service”.

Place a claim DIRECTLY through the on line mechanisms to have a local maintenance/repair vendor conduct the repair for you. Sears contractually has to comply with your requested claim, approve it and expedite service to your area.

Sears A&E has the fulfillment obligation to LOCAL SERVICE and the claim must pass through their entity to conduct it. When you file your claim, express that you are requesting service according to their advertisement of finding Local Service:

If Sears A & E will not grant you a sufficient window to conduct the repair correctly and within reasonable accommodation, (which appears they failed at from your experience already), politely request that “pre-qualified local service provider” be expedited according to the terms and agreements that Sears A&E has posted and PROMISED:

“Once your claim is approved, a pre-qualified, local service provider will schedule a time to come to your home to repair the covered item. If it’s not Sears, we will assign a technician who can quickly tackle your problem. If it can’t be repaired, we’ll replace it.

"All repairs come with a 180-day workmanship guarantee, so you don’t have to worry if theproblem reoccurs” (section 3,

I hope this helps you! Please let us and Pissed Consumer know how you fared.

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