We bought two mattress sets, at Gresham Oregon store. Service was great from the Sears salesman.

Scheduled delivery was in one week. We got the call the day before advising time of delivery. So far, so good. The day of delivery we got a telephone call at 7 am--a very loud man, who didn't identify himself, said, "we won't pick up your old mattresses".

When questioned, he said they don't pick up soiled mattresses. We told him they aren't soiled at all--always used mattresses pads. He again said they won't take them --(on our sales receipt it says "pick up and take away"). We called the store when it opened and they called us back and said it was worked out and they would take the old mattresses.

Against our better judgment we let them talk us into allowing the delivery. What a nightmare! The guys who showed up, said "we're not taking your mattresses" at the door. We showed him they haven't a spot on them.

He could see the whole mattress because my husband had taken the mattresses and box springs off the frames and carried them close to the front door, to make it easier on them! We called the store and one of the delivery guys talked to one of the salesmen at Sears. So then one guy started carrying the mattresses out, while the other one stood over me, berating me at length, about how we and the store were wrong. At the end, they got mad, brought our mattresses back in, and left--without leaving the new mattresses.

We went to the store the next day, and talked to the manager, who, although, he tried, could not resolve the problem. His solution? We could call someone and pay to have our old mattresses recycled, and they'd have the same company come out to deliver the new ones! All this, in spite of the ads and receipt specifying pick up and disposal of our old ones.

Turns out that like so many other *** companies, Sears outsources their deliveries, and the deliverymen are flown in from all over to country to work! Never heard of such a thing! In hindsight, this was evident by the delivery guys being loud, rude, and speaking in a foreign language in front of us--obviously making comments about us. What a bizarre, upsetting, and frustrating experience!

We, of course, cancelled the order. Didn't seem to bother the company--guess a $1,300.00 sale isn't enough to worry about.


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