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system doesn't seem to have an update. I go onto there shippers website again, it says the item has been at the delivery terminal since June 9th.

I never got a call, an email, nothing. I call sears back, and explain the whole story yet again. He just says "I see it was supposed to be there May 24th, we will cancel the order." I do not want to cancel, I've been waiting this long. He has no other replies except "let's cancel and refund", or when I said what the shippers website said all he replied with was "it is in transit", even though the shipping says at delivery terminal since June 9th.

I call the original shipper (Demar Logistics), tell her it was supposed to be delivered to me by May 24th. She informs me Sears didn't even release the item to them until June 5th. Are you kidding me?!? By June 14th I've had enough and take it upon myself to find my item.

The tracking with the new shipper says it's still in another city, but they can't seem to find it. After hours of having people look around, they discovery it is at the local shipping facility where I live, and this shipper has had it for days and days. They finally found it and I took it home. Putting it together, guess what?

It's missing pieces. I have to then call sears back for help. It's a cheap $4 part, that is it. The lady tells me I have to return it and order a new one, they won't just send me the little $4 part.

Are you kidding me??? After I've waiting this long, got jerked around for this long? I am NOT going through that again. I ended up getting the part from a local parts store.

I will NEVER shop at again. I will not refer them to anyone ever again. Absolutely no communication about my item, no calls back when I called, nothing.

They are horrible and this has been a horrible online shopping experience. Never again!

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Im never shopping at Sears again. Being jerked around for a refund


This JUST happened to me