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They made me buy a wrong mattress. I was in desperate need for a proper sleep.

My back was in pain and my neck, too. I told this to the lady and she misled me in my choice. As this was the first time I purchased a mattress, I believed her advice and suggestion. She showed me an Extra Firm which was displayed in the showroom.

I laid down on it and fell in love. To my surprise it was not hard at all, had something pushing me up and holding my body but yet had a softness that was giving me such a wonderful feeling of comfort. So I fell in love with the mattress! I ordered that one!

Slept on my sofa bed for a week waiting desperately for my mattress. Finally it arrived yesterday. It was placed on my bed and to my shocking surprise, it was hard like my hardwood floor!!!! I got so upset.

Thought something was wrong so I left home, took a train and went back to the store one hour after I received my mattress. I told them my concern, I told them my mattress is not even close to the mattress on your display. They told me I have to wait, give it some time, 30 days before I can tell if its good or not!!! This is crazy, why would I wait 30 days to tell them something that I already know.

Extra firm mattress with such hard top is another torture for my body. I know that for sure!! I do not have the time to play Sears games, because I am suffering with my back and my sleepless nights!!!! No one cared what I was saying.

No one in Sears! The manager that I got to speak to was an icy cold young man. This is the policy, he said. You cannot return it before trying it!!!

First, they made me buy a wrong product, because they showed me a mattress that was on display for one year. So, I have to sleep one year in my new "hardwood" mattress with the hope that it is gonna be comfortable like the one in Sears showroom?!!??!! I am in shock!! I am in extreme shock!

Second, they force me to sleep on it for a month!!! And then, when I told them this is not what I wanted and I want another mattress, they told me that I can only return it after 30 days with 15% charges because I slept on it for a month!!! This is a tragedy, really. I cant believe I am living it!!!

The manager was so cool, without even listening nor even caring what I was trying to explain. This was their error! This was their mistake!! I would never in my life buy such a firm bed if it was displayed in a showroom.

I feel cheated and robbed. I simply have no idea how to solve this!! Instead of me finally looking forward to go to bed, it turned to be a nightmare even thinking of my bed!! Just remembered another Sears advice how to fix my problem!

They asked me if we have kids, because if we let them jump on our mattress it would help! Does it make any sense to you!! I paid all that money to buy a new mattress and then to destroy it in order to make it more comfortable for my needs??!!! I am speechless!!

Shocked!!! I dont know about you but I am done with Sears!! I learnt so many things in such a little time!! My god, bought a mattress to comfort my body, and what have I done, caused such a stress to myself!!

I wonder, who's gonna compensate me all the damage and stress!! Horrible!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Mattress.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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