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I rearranged my whole day to be home during the delivery window for my new refrigerator. My driveway was sealcoated yesterday, so I blocked it off for when the truck arrived.

I was planning on explaining the situation to the driver. The driver arrived 10 MINUTES before the END of the delivery window...took one look at my blocked driveway...and drove off!!! I called him immediately but he wouldn’t answer. I called customer service and they tried to send him back...but then they told me he couldn’t return b/c he has other deliveries scheduled for today.

ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?! I was ONE of those deliveries!!! He just gets to personally decide to drive away without checking in, calling me or having customer service call me?!?! My assumption: He was running late and felt it would serve him to catch up on his day by disregarding my delivery.

I am SO ANGRY!!! I am reporting the cell number of the driver to his superiors to be sure he learns from this mistake!

And I will NEVER NEVER order anything from Sears again. Mic drop.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Home Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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