I made appt for my diswasher repair with Sears recently, originally my appt was scheduled for March 19,2013 between 8am to 12 pm and I have my confirmation number and everything ( this repair is under extended warranty I bought at the time I purchase my diswasher) at 11:30 am I called Sear to find out if their Tech coming with the parts, they told me Tech will be there at 2 pm and they insisted my appt was between 8 am to 2 pm and at 2pm nobody showed up,I called again this time they told me my appt was 8am to 5 pm, finally at 5 pm Tech showed up and repaired my diswasher, the Tech replaced my broken diswasher with cheap part hardly fit and look ugly but it work for now, the part is not original part I hope it will last for at least year or two, Tech left me receipt it said total service Value $178.20 but since this service under warranty so no charged,this problem was originated since Feb 28 2013 it took almost a month before they come to do it, can you imagine and since the beginning I have made at 30 phone called to Sear before they took care of the problems, Sears horrible and Im done with them never again shop Sears never, I would like to warn all shoppers out there, make sure you read reviews of stores you want to shop, dont just take my words for it try it yourself and you will understand what Im talking about, dont be next victims of Sear Don't go there at all.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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