This is in Tucson. Please see service orders 41946712 and 41993862. Our freezer stops working and by the time we can get help everything is lost.

The first service technician was a very nice guy and knew nothing about out Samsung refrigerator and was on the phone forever trying to get advice. He finally said that it was the thermostat and he did not have one on the truck.

Therefore, it would be 1 week to have the part shipped to us and he would be back in 1 week.

We got the part so we thought the problem was solved. WRONG. The part came in and it was broken in its bubble wrap. We had not opened the box. The service man did.

Plus he also then said that that part would not work on our unit. He goes to his truck and finds a part that he had before but was told that it was the wrong part on the phone. He tried that thermostat and it appeared to work.

This is not the end of the story. 10 Days later the freezer was hot again and more food lost. I called into the service and had an ignorant *** give me a hard time. That's now 2 times of a 1 1/2 hour phone calls for help.

A few days another technician comes out who was VERY smart and took 3 hours trouble shooting and finally said that he did not what the problem was BUT he was putting in some Freon and adding a dye so if it did leak again they could trace it.

Well, the freezer was beautiful for 3 days and it got even worse to the point that the ice maker defrosted and soaked the inside of the refrigerator.

I called for an appointment and after 1/2 hour of repeating the information not 1, not 2 but 3 times. For her to say that I DID NOT HAVE A SERVICE CONTRACT. I exploded (no curse words) and had her read the product information to me and she had the correct refrigerator (because on the first call months ago they could not find us even thought I read the contract number to them).

We have the correct refrigerator but no contract and she would transfer me to the contract department. I asked what would happen after that when it was verified and she said "I DON"T KNOW".

So she transferred me and there was a mess ah that they were closed and to call back tomorrow and it hung up.

Oh yes, I forgot to tell you that on the first attempt for this service call I went thru the information this time 2 times and was then told since it was under a service agreement she could not handle it and forwarded me to another phone that rang for 40 minutes --yes 40 minutes and then stopped ringing and disconnected me.

Finally, I am missing work for the 4th time as a service man is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. I have little hope since the last 3 times did no good. I requested that they NOT SEND A DUMMY HERE.

What do I want--one of 3 options:

1. Fix the freezer by someone who CAN fix it or

2. Exchange my worthless piece of *** for a new one that works or

3. Refund my $600 that I paid for the worthless agreement plus $200 in lost food (it was actually more than that) and I will purchase another refrigerator from someone local who has local service and pay the difference.

Summary: Is Sears going to step up to the plate and do what is right after all this time? Are you going to act like the bankrupt company that you are? The choice is yours but the clock is ticking. I have already spoken to 2 of the 3 Tucson stations who love to have stories like this. Oh yes, I am 73, a military vet, have a bad heart that is stressed by this fiasco and someone being screwed over by a company that does not care. Makes for a great story! Now the ending is up to you. Do the right timely thing or pay the publicity price.

OH yes: My service contract is 0796116868400056. That's the contract that I "don't have".

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $800.

Preferred solution: Fix the freezer or refund our service agreement money or supply a replacement refrigerator.

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So you posted this seven days ago with the info that you are a vet with station connections and a bad heart did your public cry fix your fiasco? A query from an interested consumer.

to Anonymous #988636

Did not. Now 7 service calls and 3 months and it is not fixed.

Sears is so horrible and there is no one to call and the company does not seem to care. There needs to be a class action suit but I do not have the resources and I am not the one to start it.

The consumer gets screwed.

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