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I bought a Kenmore electric range with a glass top, which cracked after four months. Nothing hit it, it just cracked in half by itself.

I called the Sears warranty people and was told it was a "thermal crack" and was covered by my one-year warranty. We set up a date for the repair: Thursday between 8 a.m. and noon. I took off work on Thursday and at 15 minutes past noon the repair man called and said it would be $129 for his visit plus $250 for the part.

I said it was covered under warranty and he replied "No, 99.9% of the time the crack is the homeowners fault and I am the one who determines fault". I told him to kiss my a$$ and called the Sears warranty phone people back, asking to speak to a manager. They put me on hold and 50 minutes later I was still on hold, so I hung up. A lady I work with suggested going to a Sears store, and what a great idea it was.

They took great care of me: They came and got my stove and installed one without a glass top.

I will never buy a glass-top stove again. So glass tops on ranges suck, the Sears phone warranty people are horrible, the Sears repair people are horrible, and the Sears store people are great.

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Whitesburg, Georgia, United States #337074

OK, I did what Laura D of SEARS CARES said to do in her post to me above. Well, it's been more than a week but no one has contacted me.

SEARS CARES cares about Sears, but not about a lone consumer. SEARS CARES will take the time to post on this board and act like they are very responsive and concerned, but only because many poeple will read it. But when they have to do something for just one person, like me, they want nothing to do with it. The people in the Sears store contacted SEARS CARES when I had my problem, and SEARS CARES wouldn't help me at all, even at the store's request.

The Sears store people helped me, but SEARS CARES could have cared less. Big hat but no cattle.

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