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To whom it may concern, When I arrived at the sears tire center at 701 Russell Avenue Gaithersburg, Md. 20877, there was no greeting no one smiled or acted like I was there.

I was told abruptly to just bring my vehicle in. During the write up there was ZERO conversation. I then asked the write up person how long this would take, he replied 1-2 hours. I thought that would be a reasonable amount of time to have 4 tires installed.

I left to go shopping in SEARS!! When I came back to the tire department, approximately 1 1/2 hours later I found that my vehicle had NOT been touched. I asked the person at the desk "how much longer will this take". He screamed out to the technician that was supposed to be working on my car, " how much longer on that Subaru".

The technician then replied "at least 2 hours", the technician walked up to me and said "don't blame me I just got here". I was shocked! He then started to scream at the write up person with profanity stating he had already had a job and that my vehicle could wait. I was STILL in shock!!

I then asked the write up person to just put the new tires in the back of my car and refund my credit card for the labor and miscellaneous charges. He did that with no apology or remorse. When he asked the same technician to put the new tires in the back of my car, his reply was "you have to be *** kidding me" and stormed out of the building At that point I asked to speak to a Manager. Standing there was a scraggly bearded man with an Advance auto parts hat on.

He replied "I'm the Manager today". Not even looking up from his key board, nor making any eye contact or any caring gestures mumbled “you have my apologies”. This person observed the entire situation and made ZERO effort to calm or rectify the situation. I told him if I had a technician in my shop that behaved that way in front of customers I would terminate that person immediately.

Again without looking up from his computer he mumbled "he will be addressed". To top things off, the write up person, not the Manager of the day, found another employee to put the tires in my car. This employee did not take the time, effort or care to fold the rear seats down and carefully place the tires in my car. He just jammed them in the uncovered rear cargo area, soiling my headliner.

In closing, there is not an ounce of embellishment to this story.

I have never been in a more unprofessional situation before in my entire LIFE!! I will NEVER recommend Sears to anyone and you can bet this will story will show up on social media.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $200.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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My goodness how easily our feathers become ruffled.

Nobody "smiled" at you ?

It's a tire shop, not a *** bar.

However , any employee who swears in the presence of a customer should be terminated.

Most mechanics are as bad as construction workers ; born slobs.