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I have reached a point of incredible frustration at the incompetence of Sears and the total INABILITY TO HAVE MY REFRIGERATOR FIXED. HOW DO I GET THIS DONE????? It has been 4 1/2 weeks and no end in sight.

To date and 4 appointments later not only is it not fixed, no one calls me back, I am unable to reach anyone but customer support who cannot resolve anything and do not call back.

** first call on Monday 6/30. first service appointment was nearly 2 weeks later. the service phone calls did not go well: misinformation on the first call however the rep was very pleasant and helpful, I was very pleased with her, I found out later that she gave me wrong information and she steered me wrong. The second person was rude, gave me only information I knew to ask about--this is not my line of work, I should not have to know what to ask, the rep should be sharing all I need to make my experience a good one. This lack of information cost me 2 hours at a local Sears to try to get a compact refrigerator my warranty covered. The store managers were excellent but even they were appalled at the the lack of information I had received when I called. 2 HOURS this cost me. And it's not so close to my house.

**7/11: first appointment. very nice technician, Bobby, said it was the compressor, very common on these refrigerators, but which he did not have on his truck and he needed to order. He would order the parts overnight mail (this was on Friday, would arrive on Monday) and even though he had to put a next service date of 7/29 on the computer, just call when the parts arrive, they would come out right away given it had been 2 weeks already and was on warranty (this does beg the question: if this is common, why not a compressor on the truck, and second, if this is a know problem with these refrigerators, why does Sears sell's 4 years old).

**On Monday first of all a small part arrived, I called the number Bobby left me, I was told, by someone named Marvin, that the compressor was not ordered, the notes say to be purchased locally by the technician. This is NOT what the tech told us, but Marvin assured us this was correct.

** And now the true beginning of the most atrocious customer experience: there was no way anyone could come out before 7/29, there was no one for me to escalate to . I did reach a first level supervisor who told me a website I could go to but he could not give me a phone number. I asked what if my 80 year old mother or anyone who was not online needed help. He said he could not respond to a hypothetical. ??? Up to that point, he was extremely helpful but in all fairness to him, he was completely unable to give me a phone number or HIS supervisor and I could feel his frustration. This is a TERRIBLE position to put your people in Sears. After I GOOGLED a phone number (why should I have to do that) apparently an executive complain only goes to customer support, same people I already was shuffled around to ,who could do nothing, I repeat, they are empowered to do NOTHING, including transferring calls to supervisors who are hiding from customers.. I could talk to NO ONE who could help. This was a full 3 hours on the phone, person after person who could not help. I had already cancelled vacation plans for the week anticipating the repair as the tech promised. Summer is short...FIRST VACATION cancelled. The ONLY call I ever got back from Sears was about 20 minutes after all my time on the phone. Someone named Pat. Pat would not tell me what department she was calling from, I had to pull her name out of her, and was EXTREMELY rude from the second I picked up the phone. She just told me what i had already been told: the 29th was the soonest. Not even an "I'm sorry". She really just wanted to send me an email and hang up. After that call, within 3 minutes, my husband, who had no idea any of this was going on, called to tell me he just got a call from the RUDEST person. Pat I said? Yes, but he had to pull it out of her. Since he had no idea what it was about, he said he would conference me in. Pat hung up on him. If this is the follow up from the executive complaints, it was horrendous and Sears should be ashamed of themselves. I must add here: both my husband and I thought we were talking to a man, a deep voice, but the email was from a Patricia. I only mention this because if indeed this was Patricia's voice, then it was her behavior that needs to be addressed. If, however, someone else made that call for her, either with coincidentally the same name or just using her name, both she and Sears need to know about it and I leave to you to address appropriately. So that was my one call-back.

7/29 repair date: when I got the confirmation call I also asked them to confirm that the tech would bring the part, she said it was in her order, she read it to me, but COULD NOT confirm this, I would have to ask the tech when he called with a time. That would be too late I said. She said they couldn't do anything else, could not contact the techs. HOW CAN THIS BE?

7/29, 9:00 am received a call that the tech was out sick and they would need to reschedule to AUGUST 11th !!! I said that was not acceptable, I would not accept that, he said that was the next available date, I completely lost my patience, yelled and the date changed to 7/31. First of all, how can there be no back up plan and secondly HOW DARE I be postponed another 2 weeks. I took the 31st date, why I needed to yell, I have no idea. I immediately called customer support, spoke with Beth, said she would call the tech dept to see if anything could be done for that same day the 29th. We got disconnected, she never called me back (my number is in her hands) she sent an apology email while we were on the phone, but no call back, no follow up, no way for me to call her back (I tried twice and finally gave up) and even responded to the email asking for her to call back, NOTHING. SECOND VACATION CANCELLED AND NO REPAIR.

7/31 (I rescheduled my week around this postponement, a 6 hour drive during the night to be here and salvage one day of my vacation to visit a sick friend): When the tech called to say what time he was coming, HE HAS NO COMPRESSOR--they never bring a part, it is always mailed to the customer. Not only that but there is no compressor listed on the order. Once again, I try to keep my calm but I am no longer successful at doing this. He was VERY pleasant, told me their supervisors will not talk to customers. THAT is unacceptable from a company like Sears. I am appalled by that fact alone, no supervisors at any level can be reached. Your front line pays the price for incompetence. It is disgusting. I have no other word for it. Completely disgusted.

I called customer support YET again, spoke with a "Rosie" who asked me not to yell, I had asked for, at the beginning of the call, to transfer me to the highest supervisor she could, because this was not going to go well and she was feel the brunt of my anger. Again, cannot transfer me, tried to help, again, could not, I was loud and angry. . She was going to call the tech manager and put me on hold. I said if we get disconnected PLEASE call me back since she has my number. She assured my she would but since she manned the inbound calls, it might take a few extra minutes. Yes , you guessed it --that was 5 hours ago. NOTHING.

THE ONLY PEOPLE WHO seem to care are the techs. Today's tech DID call me back and is trying to find the part. I have no confidence that this will happen and through no fault of the tech.

Sears has pushed me to the extreme, I don't even recognize myself. I am disgusted. I am doubtful that this will be fixed today despite the tech's efforts. I am doubtful that Rosie will call me, and I doubt that any supervisor or executive at Sears will contact me at all. I repeat, I am disgusted.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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They offered me a 3 weeks in the future appointment. My food is rotting.

I'll never buy from Sears again.

They do not consider a broken refrigerator an emergency.

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