I am now into hour six of waiting for the Sears repairman who was promised to me at 8:30 this morning. This appointment is to fix a dishwasher, which has been broken since May. The dishwasher is under an extended warranty, which was purchased on the recommendation of the Sears repairman who fixed this piece of *** the first time it broke -- one week after the original warranty expired. He said that it would continue to break -- the machines are basically *** -- and boy was he right. Sears has come out approximately every six months for the past nine years to fix this particular piece of junk.

When I called about the latest self-destruction in May, they did send a repairman out a couple of weeks later. He informed me that 1) one of the reasons it keeps breaking is that one component hadn't been fixed properly on previous occasions, and 2) there was a leak in the tub, so that needed to be replaced. He ordered the parts and scheduled a follow-up appt to fix the machine. The parts didn't come, so that appointment was rescheduled. Once again, the parts didn't come, so another reschedule. Then one more reschedule -- after I waited here until 1 p.m. -- because the repairman was sick. Could they not have called me in the morning so I wasn't tied up all day waiting???

With the last reschedule, the girl promised up and down that she could schedule this repair for the first appointment of the day. He would be here at 8:30 a.m. I foolishly believed her. At noon, when there was still no sign of the repairman, I called Sears, navigated through the useless voice menu, and asked to speak to a supervisor. Ten minutes later, I was switched to a barely-English-speaking Indian gentleman who followed the script they use to deal with pissed-off customers. He was very polite, and utterly useless. I told him I wanted my warranty extended by the length of time this machine has been out of service, and I wanted to know when the *** repairman was coming. He put me on hold, and when he came back said to me, "I will call you back at this number in 15 minutes, I promise." That was at noon. It is now 2 and no word from either him or the repairman.

I understand that this machine has cost Sears way too much money to repair over the years, and they are hoping that I'll just go away and let them off the hook if they provide bad enough customer service. I will never buy another appliance manufactured by or in any way associated with Sears, and I will make it my own personal mission to tell as many people as possible that this company is to be avoided at all costs. Sears does truly suck.

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