Update by user Jan 10, 2017

I got a new DVD/VHS combo like I was authorized to do so. But I paid for it with my own money.

My paid warranty is not covering it at all. The authorization code could not be used.

Update by user Jan 04, 2017

It has taken well over a month to learn about my authorization code. Many workers over the phone gave me advice on what to get.

Now I finally learn the fix was in. I can only use the code on a new combo. Despite workers knew the combo is not sold at Sears stores anymore. I also can't use the code online (Amazon, etc) even though they told me I could.

One of the phone workers would need to give a store worker authorization for me to get something else. I spoke to this worker on the phone once, but she never shared any of these details. I can't believe any of the phone workers.

The code worked fine for the Dvd player ordered at K Mart. I am proud to announce that I am joining the Sears Warranty Class Action Lawsuit.

Update by user Jan 02, 2017

Was promised $199.91 and 90 days to use it from 11/22/16. Strange how the code worked fine before Christmas.

Now when I find something I do want to get, I have $153.48 left, the code won't work at Sears or KMart.

The Sears store worker gave me advice: get the remaining amount in a check. Stay on the case and don't stop until the check is in your hand.

Original review posted by user Dec 27, 2016

Sears repair center shipped my machine and it was damaged beyond repair. They could not ship it safely so I could have it back before Thanksgiving as they said.

Now I am stuck with a worthless authorization code. But nobody believes what I say. I followed worker's advice and used $46.43 for a so called new Dvd better than the Vhs/Dvd combo. But nobody told me the Dvd had to be compatible with the tv.

Now I must find a new tv and hope the dvd will work. It is a pain! I have been dealing with the half truth since 11/19/16. All of the workers at the repair center and warranty department can not give me a straight answer.

I can not trust anybody. I am to old for the HD garbage.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Dvd Player Repair.

Reason of review: poor service, warranty, defective.

Monetary Loss: $46.

Preferred solution: Find a new tv and hope the dvd will work.

Sears Pros: Quality of items and workers in store, Being able to see the product in the store, Store layout, Great sales, When i worked there in 1998.

Sears Cons: Repair and warranty help over the phone, Sb electronics closing, Can not use authorization code online myself, Repair and warranty workers do not believe what i say, Website is no help.

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