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We purchased a Water Heater in August 2011. The manufacturer date on heater is July 2011. The PRV failed and on Sunday 3/6/2016, our water heater bulged out, on the edge of bursting and most likely completely flooding our garage. We noticed a tiny leak on the back of the heater which caused water to shoot out and possibly salvaged us from dealing with a massive flood.

On Monday morning 3/7/16, I called Sears several times to get resolution. The first rep, a woman, hung up on me. The second rep, a different woman, confirmed the unit had a 9 year warranty but the earliest they would be able to get a technician out to confirm the unit was leaking was 3/16/16. Obviously, for a family of four that would not suffice. That woman gave us a contact number to a different place and there I spoke to a man who insisted my heater's manufacturer date was 1/1/2007. After some discussion he also said he would try to get a technician out sooner than said date of 3/16/16. The following morning 3/8/16, I called again to try to resolve my problem and I spoke to another rep who confirmed that a technician would be sent out 3/9/2016 between 1pm and 5pm. During the numerous calls, I was not advised ONE time that I would need to pay $95.00 for a technician to come out and tell me what was obvious.

We paid nearly $400 for our water heater in 2011. Now being forced to fork out another nearly $100.00 for nothing more than being told “Yes. You are correct. The heater is faulty."


Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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This just happened to us. Found leak last night and called Sears.

They can't get here for four days and it'll cost $95 for service call. Thing is I've drained it so it wouldn't leak out in our garage. So what will service tech say? Ours is Power Miser 9 that's only 5 1/2 years old.

How did Sears finally work out? Did you have to pay a labor charge on top of original service call?

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