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I have been asked several times why Andrew and I absolutely refuse to shop at Sears and their affiliated companies. (We have bought a few, small items from a local Kmart over the years due to convenience.) The few times Andrew and I tried to be forgiving and shop at a Sears, we have had ridiculous customer service. All this to say, the email below accounts where my complete unwillingness to support Sears and affiliated companies started. You will read in the below email how Sears at an associate, department, store, and then at a corporate level was completely unhelpful in resolving an atrocious customer service issue that went into the realm of criminal actions (according to my associates in the legal profession). Corporate response can be acutely summed as, 'Thanks for your email; better luck next time.'

"I am emailing today to bring to your attention an incident that occurred

over two years ago. It was and continues to be the worst and most

traumatic customer service encounter in my experience. On August 5,

2008, I dropped my car off at Sears in Athens, Georgia, to have it

serviced. My parents have regularly shopped at and contracted for

service with Sears for as long as I can remember. While I was there,

the technician recommended I have a belt replaced soon. I agreed to

bring the car in the following week to have the work completed. Later

that day, the belt broke, so I brought the car back to Sears to have the

work completed. This is where the story takes a turn for the ugly.

During my interactions with the staff to have my car repaired, I had to

deal with a large, African American woman who worked in the Auto

Services department. I thought her tone was patronizing and rude. I

asked to speak with her manager. An older, Caucasian man told me he was

the department(?) manager. He said he could not do anything with her, but

that he would be happy to help me. I thought this was odd, but since I

was eager to fix my car, I proceeded.

At a later point in ordering the part and the repair, I had to deal with

the woman again. I had decided to start fresh. She was again

patronizing, rude, and even at one point reached across the counter to

grab me when I refused to submit to her. She used her size to attempt

to intimidate me. I may be a small woman, but I cannot stand to be

bullied. She continued until I was on the *** of tears. I rarely cry

in front of my family, much less in public. I walked away from the

situation realizing that the woman was not going to stop in her

aggression and her manager was no assistance. My tears alerted another

store associate who contacted a tall, Caucasian man who identified

himself as the store manager. I relayed the story to him. To my

knowledge, nothing was ever said or done to the woman. I was never

contacted by anyone to discuss the experience or apologize. I worked in

customer service during both college and graduate school, and I would

have never dreamed of treating even the most belligerent customer like

this. I would have been fired immediately. I was taught that if I felt

for whatever reason I could not satisfy the needs of a customer to alert

someone higher on the food chain.

When I came back to pick-up my car, the woman was still there and made a

specific point to be super sweet to each of the other customers except

me. Since it is a small area, it is difficult to miss when someone

looks past you to speak to the customer behind you in line. I paid for

my car repairs and have refused since then to step foot into the Sears

in Athens or to purchase or recommend any goods or products related to

the Sears Company. I think of how much money may have been spent there

during my wedding and as my husband and I purchase items for our home.

It is sad to think that I feel sick each time I come near a store that I

grew up loving."

Review about: Sears Repair.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.


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