Merritt Island, Florida

the sears call center in winter park is an absolutely atrocious place to work. This place seems to hire only hoodlums, thugs, ghetto type street people or anyone basically, yet people who actually aren't like this who are civil or decent, who aren't crazy rude or weird, this place will bully and abuse very badly. Its full of weirdos and degenerates working there and the management is corrupt unethical and disgusting. yes its a call center and call centers in Orlando are generally filled with slimy scummy people but really the sears call center is the worst. the associates are either hideously obese, rude, ghetto, or have no manners or decency. The managers and others will kiss up to these horrible awful people who are mean rude even loud and crazy. But if there are good hard working employees, these awful people will abuse and bully those employees to no end. I was bullied non-stop at this place to a point where it affected my self esteem. I have never worked at such a terrible place full of such low class degenerate filthy mean people in my life and I have worked at many bad Orlando call centers but sears it the 'worst'.

also they do not give recognition to the good employees at all! they will give recognition to all the dumb *** people who do nothing and ignore the best employees even if they deserve promotions they give them nothing except more bullying. in order to work there and get treated with any amount of respect you must be hideously obese, rude/mean, or just crazy and weird. The entire place is full of low class weirdos or people over 250 lbs. its a disgusting and weird environment and the associates are the rudest people you will ever encounter. So basically you have to be WAY under average to get treated well there. If you are any better you wil be bullied mistreated and abused. I had managers even somewhat sexually harass me a short insecure weird ugly guy who felt a powertrip when he rubbed up against my chair. What kind of disgusting people even do this to employees? I also hear that many of the male managers who are married sleep with half the women there. they praise people who are just mean people or who are very loud and crazy but if people aren't loud and crazy they will bully them badly. they take nice female employees in rooms and treat them like criminals and are really bad, interrogating them and demeaning them for NO reason at all. they have very corrupt practices and unethical and unethically fire people after bullying and abusing them. upper management is corrupt too the entire place is. thse people need to watch out for their unethical despicable practices towards employees because for their abuses they will one day be sued badly. I know of other employees who were treated in an unethical way who wanted to file lawsuits against this horrible place. I was even physically abused by a manager...who acted like it was no big deal. be careful of this is a sick place to work. also the floor managers are lazy and despicable people who are rude and don't do their jobs. they just sit around getting paid 20/hour doing nothing and if you try to ask them a question they are rude to you or roll their eyes at you... there is no professionalism there as they promote degenerates only and its run by inexperienced immature psychos and perverts apparently. So if you are a nice decent good hard working employee you will not get recognition and you will get non-stop bullying harassment and demeaning behavior towards you...I was bullied and traumatized to a point where I could not return to work and no one did anything to help or compensate. they tried to force me to be around the same obnoxious psycho managers that bullied me in the first place...who are sick people who shouldn't even be in any position or authority because they lack the ability to control their tendency to want to bully women or others. However, employees who are utterly ***, and do nothing good will be praised and recognized and treated with respect.

They are so rude and incompetent and if you try to call them out on it they will get even worse. there is no complaining about these bad incompetent unprofessional behaviors as sears doesn't care and does NOTHING. in fact, sears has all these hotlines implement to help with bullying..this is all BS. these hotlines, when you call them the awful people behind the lines will begin fighting and arguing with you and try to prevent any kind of solution or assistance. I think they are implemented so that people aren't able to voice their complaints and get shut down. everything about sears is a farce and lie. they do the same with the customers...there is no customer service and the management just treats customers badly. I witnessed a manager take a male associate aside...pretending he was coaching him yet he was talking about women with him. also this person was married...these losers at this place have no morals or ethics..and they enjoy bullying people who do have morals and decency. working at the sears winter park call center is not only a nightmare, but its like being in jail with a bunch of hoodlums losers and degenerate people. its probably one of the worst places to work at all with the most disgusting low class people... the sears call center is *** on earth and if you are a decent person do not make the mistake of putting yourself in an environment amongst rats, pigs and degenerate low class people in that place. If you are obese *** dumb have no education...and are just basically Orlando trash...then that place is for you and you will fit in well and be treated well. in fact if you are over 300lbs you will definitely get hired there as most of the employees are grossly obese and just weird people in general. if you are competent and a good person they may hire you then break you down and abuse you non-stop as this is what this terrible place is about..they enjoy breaking down good decent employees and bullying them and treating the trashy ones with respect.. in fact days I came into work happy, managers would come up to me saying rude things just to try to put me down...some of these managers couldn't even hold management positions elsewhere for their lack of professionalism arrogance and utter stupidity but sears gives them chances...that's why the place is run the way it is...and has such a high turnover rate...there are garbage incompetent disturbing people in these positions....its the worst most twisted backwards place beware....

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When is this company going to use up and do the right thing by their employees and their customers? They are an embarrassment to anything tagged "business" in this country.


this is regarding the sears location on forsyth road in winter florida..