Merritt Island, Florida

sears winter park call center is a hostile work is very abusive to good employees and women and treats them badly.

they praise and kiss up to bad employees and *** people and do not reward or recognize those who work hard and are even the best employees there. instead their trashy immature managers abuse these people and bully them horribly. its a hostile work environment and the managers are ignorant on powertrips and total jerks. Also have been told its a big orgy in there and the male managers are sleeping with most of the women there.

the entire place is run in a corrupt unethical terrible way. They try to screw people as much as they can without reason or care. They unethically fire people without warning them properly though they are supposed to as part of their policies. They lie and its a corrupt and terrible place.

They ignore people who are very good workers, and will give recognition to ANYONE else for any little thing and ignore the people doing the good job. THey are just a terrible corrupt place.

if you are a good employee, you will be abused bullied harassed to no end even minorly sexually harassed by crazy managers there. one manager even came and rubbed himself up against my chair many times.

a friend was unfairly fired as well. but if you are some hoodlum from the street they will kiss your *** and treat you with respect and will not disrespect you. regardless, the way this disgusting place treats employees is really not good. the people working there are scummy low class idiots that came from other Orlando call centers and are trashy weird and rude people.

most are hideously obese *** arrogant and rude. the entire place is a really bad place to work but even that can be overlooked. the problem is the fact that the managers will bully and mistreat good workers and good people and get away with it. They also unfairly and unethically fire people in a very wrong way that goes against their own policies and do nothing about it.

the male managers who are in their 20's can get away with anything they want and upper management supports these slimeballs. They don't recognize good workers...who are decent people, what they will do is bully harass and abuse them and give them PTSD. the psycho powertripped male managers who are literally children do this to people. at one point male managers took me in a room and proceeded to harass me and treat me like a criminal for no reason, causing me extreme trauma. they did it again several times. once a manager said "stop getting into trouble." I had done nothing wrong. literally I was being treated as a trouble maker when I was a good hard working nice employee who should have gotten a raise/promotion instead I got harassed bullied mistreated physically hurt and even sexually harassed, then bullied in a room. I was also probably the most decent civil person in that entire work environment as it was full of ghetto people who were loud obnoxious and crazy and this is how this awful call center treats good employees. the manager that said this to me in fact I heard sleeps with women there and is married too??? this sicko also takes associates aside and chats with them about WOMEN...yet this *** was telling me to stay out of trouble when I did nothing bad and they treated me as if I had done something terrible for literally nothing...something every associate there does on a regular basis these slimeballs and jerks took me aside and proceeded to abuse and harass me. I wanted to and still plan to file a lawsuit against this terrible unethical corrupt hideous company and this terrible place. Also they unethically fired another employee and even she wanted to sue these horrible fiends. They cant even ethically treat or fire people they have to resort to extreme bullying abuse and mistreatment...if you are a good employees they will bully abuse you not recognize you, treat you badly, put you down then traumatize you for fun. they are terrible disturbed people and the entire place is run by really messed up sick people.

when I attempted to complain to the head manager his response was "oh you should have told me earlier" and "well you don't have anything positive to say about this place." really?? im trying to file complaints..that was a terrible asinine statement to even make. They abuse and bully GOOD people and employees while rewarding anyone who is loud obnoxious crazy and pick on good people too...this whole place is a nightmare and the worst place to work. and your co workers will all be ghetto ill mannered rude jerks with no decency or ethics as well, as most decent people quit that awful place in a heartbeat. everyone that works there is trash basically and a trashy bad person.

the young disgusting male managers who bully abuse and mistreat women, sleep with women there and even take associates aside JUST to chat with them about women?I witnessed it myself...beware of this place and though it might seem ok its really about screwing people and mistreating them if they have a chance or opportunity to for no reason.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Manager.

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Report them to the Labor board.......they are in violation of a lot of laws.


Dont talk about filing a law it....