working in the sears winter park call center is like being in jail or something...its full of freaks low lifes and weirdos. most of the idiots that work there are not only obese, *** weird and dumb they are very rude and mean to others.

the management at sears is horrible and corrupt and will abuse employees and esp good employees while praising losers and low lifes. the management is really bad and will even physically hurt employees. There is a lot of unethical practices and corruptness there. These people will screw over good employees and keep doing it without care.

They unethically fire people and break their own policies then lie about it. the managers lie and even bully and abuse employees for no reason. the entire place is a joke...If you try to ask to be treated fairly they won't do it.

The managers are 20 something year old immature jerks who lie, and even sleep with half the women there. beware of this place its unethical corrupt and run in a messed up way...

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