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My attempt to purchase a new refrigerator has been a major ordeal that just now ended in an order cancellation. Hours of my time wasted. A day of work/pay lost. Maximum frustration on the phone with horrible customer service reps.

I tried to purchase this online and there was an offer of 12 months no interest if you use your Sears charge card. It would not work so I engaged a service rep in chat. He could not get it to work either and had no idea why and no suggestions on what I should do. So, I call Sears credit only to find out that they cancelled my card because I haven't used it in a couple years. Well, good way to guarantee I will never use it again, huh?

I tell him thanks and I'll place the order on my own but he said he could do it to 'make sure there were no errors'. I ask for a delivery date of Friday 10/23 (which was available when I was placing my order) and he tells me it's no longer available so we go with Monday and I arrange to take time off work.

Earlier in the week I got a call which was a Sears recording confirming my delivery for tomorrow for a whole bunch of appliances but it was for a man who lived in TX. At this point I started to feel a bit apprehensive about the purchase but just let it go. Last night (Thursday) I get a call (recording) that my delivery is the next day between 5-7. Now, this would have been ideal if I would have been prepared but since my delivery wasn't happening until Monday I thought I had the whole weekend. The biggest problem was that I now needed to worry about getting rid of the old one because I have a tiny condo. I had to call three different numbers and was told by two people that the best they could do was pick it up a different day. I was nearing the blow point and asked for a manager and she took care of it by calling delivery warehouse and it took about 5 minutes. So there's another hour+ wasted on hold and being disconnected and transferred. Word of advice - don't ever talk to those who answer the phone because they're freaken clueless - just ask for a manager and save yourself time and frustration.

So, today is Friday and my shiny new fridge is supposed to be here between 5-7. I took the day off and nearly killed myself moving everything and cleaning and buying ice only to get a call that the truck had issues and the delivery wasn't happening today. I call and get this wishy washy woman who is annoying the *** out of me and I told her to just cancel the order - I can't take this anymore. She offers me a $75 gift card (like I'm ever going to shop at Sears again - NO THANKS). I had to ask for the manager like 3 times and finally she puts me on hold for a while. After telling him this whole ordeal and how the only reason I bought from Sears was the 12 mo no interest and I didn't get it anyway - he offers me $75. I tell him that I'm going to need a more significant discount that than to accept order and he offers $100. I tell him I'll accept $150 (which is what I now have to pay for interest on my Visa) and he said he could not do it and I told him "fine - cancel it". He tells me he will and I said thanks and hung up. He calls back to confirm my cancellation. Um.... Really? I will never, ever buy anything from this place again. Not furniture, not appliances, not even clothes. No way.

I will now be sharing my experience on Yelp and any other review site I can find!!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $200.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

I didn't like: Response to the issue.

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