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I am a handicapped woman who has had her oil burner out for a month now. The furnace is a replacement and last year as well which is when we got it as this seems to be out again.

It is giving oil smells throughout the entire house. No heat no hot water. We have been heating water on the stove to wash. And were forced to get 3 space heaters which I could have used that money for ahhhh lets see food or clothes.

Which I should have been able to. The repair man said he is doing this because sears is not paying him. And sears is playing it cute as well. So yeah I have to say me and my wheelchair do not appreciate the way we are being treated.

I have a terrible cold now and am exhausted.

Why cant they just fix the dang thing or replace this faulty one. Which they should have since it is part of the lemon law.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Protection Plan.

Monetary Loss: $6.

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The product is from sears worked on by sears techs affirmative action from my county finally came in and replaced it. Stating sears doesnt have the slightest idea what they are doing. Since I am handicapped and have nothing it was replaced for free


The question I have is is it a sears tech that was working on your furnace. If not why not.

Have you call sears repair or the manufacturer to get it fixed. It sounds like the repairman you had out to repair it was an independent contractor and not a sears authorized repairman. As for the repair service well sears techs are on their way out and are joining up with a new service that is also nationwide. A&E factory services.

It is a joint venture between sears and whirlpool. The techs have more phone numbers to get assistance and work with third party insurance also. They ran by a different division that they have to answer to. Their number is 1-800-905-9505.

They should be able to get you the service you need. As for the stores well even most techs avoid them. We prefer to go outside the store for parts we don't carry and order from our store only if we can't get the parts from local parts stores. We also carry a large assortmant of common replacement parts on our trucks but we can't carry everything.

I apologize for the treatment you received from the repairman that worked on your furnance. there are unfortunately some out there that aren't happy with their jobs and pass it on to the customer.


Sears has gone downhill & continues to... They have their employees post responses on complaint sites like these to humiliate the complaining consumer.

It is even worse when you complain in their stores to any management (they will publicly humiliate you), and their corporate complaint process is a complete waste of time.

Spend your hard earned money anywhere else but Sears...

Note: The story with the handicapped woman is par for the course with Sears. I will not be unhappy when they close their doors.

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