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My wife and I decided to remodel our kitchen in the fall and winter of 2006-07. She purchased all new stainless steel appliances including a Sears Kenmore Pro double oven. She purchased the oven in October 2006 from the Sears Grand in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, but they were not installed until the cabinets were ready in February 2007. The purpose of the double oven was for special occasions when cooking for guests made having the extra oven very convenient.

In the fall of 2008 we had some friends over and among other things my wife decided to make bruschetta. That was the first time we had used the broiler in either oven. She used the upper oven following the directions provided in the oven user manual. When the food was finished she noticed the two center control knobs had melted!! See attached photos.

The next week my wife called Sears and she was told the oven was out of warranty (Do you mean the knobs wouldn't have melted had we used the broiler during the warranty period?). And she had to pay slightly over $100.00 (Yes, one hundred dollars) for two replacement knobs. Now of course we know we can't use the upper broiler because the knobs will melt. Incidentally our friends at the party were astounded at the sight of the melted knobs. Anyway, she purchased the knobs.

Just two or three weeks later we decided to use the self cleaning feature on the upper oven for the first time to prepare for the Christmas dinner. I followed the manual directions and went through that process. After the oven cooled down we decide to use the oven for something and lo and behold the oven no longer worked. I figured it was just the element so I removed and tested the element, then used my test meter to check and there was no power to the element. That being the limit of my oven experience I called for service.

I was scheduled for service on Wednesday, December 18 2008. I waited at home all day until the service man came. He went through some diagnostics and decided a relay board needed to be replaced. He ordered the part and presented me with a bill for $304.79 which I paid with my debit card. He ordered the part to be shipped to me and we scheduled another appointment for the following Wednesday, Christmas Eve. Later that evening we noticed that now the lower oven temperature indicator no longer worked. So now we had one oven without a temperature indicator, but we could still set the desired temperature using the digital display.

The next Wednesday I waited at home again until a second service man showed up. He installed the new relay board and after some frustration he realized the new board did not solve the problem and ordered a different circuit board. He ordered the second board and we scheduled an appointment for January 7, 2009.

I waited at home on January 7. The same service man came back. (Incidentally, each time a part was ordered it was sent directly to our house. Before a service person came out they verified that the part had been received.) The service man installed the new board and after some frustration and calls to his office for assistance they decided that the first replacement relay board had not been the correct one for this model. They ordered the correct board and we scheduled another appointment for the following Wednesday, January 14. To avoid some redundancy I will just say on the 14th the same man showed up and again it was decided this was still not the solution. He ordered another part and said it would require two service people to remove the oven. We scheduled another appointment for January 21. After the service person left I discovered that the digital display for setting the lower oven temperature no longer worked correctly. It will indicate 200 degrees and stays at 200 degrees until the control *** gets to 500 degrees and the display goes to 500 degrees. Now we have one oven that slightly works with no temperature indicators

I waited at home all day January 21 and nobody came. The part was here. See attached photo of 4 parts packages on the kitchen cabinet. We now have another appointment for January 28. This is no way intended to be a criticism of the service people themselves. I think the oven is a tar baby.


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sears sells junk it is better to buy from junk yard then sears