My name is Elizabeth Griffin, I shopped at Sears Department Store, Miami, Florida in August of this year 2007. I had an accident in this store. I was contacted by a Ms. Caroline Berger, an insurance person and was given a number but was unable to reach her at the number given. I then contacted the store in which the accident occured and to my disappointement I was turned around and treated like a fool.

I am from the Bahamas and travel to Florida 4 -5 times a year, and a frequent shopper at Sears. I was shock and surprise at the way in which this matter was handled. I send a letter copied to Mr. Louis Ramirez who indeed said he receive this letter to be passed on to Ms. Berger, and he said that he is uanble to do that because that is between Ms. Berger and myself. I thought that this was a Sears matter, and the insurance company was representing the company. Where is customer service in this, where in the interest of a customer? One have to ask because I am very disappointed and disturbed by the way this is being handled. I figure these people want to *** me off in hopes that I get tired and leave the matter alone because I am not a resident of the US, but I will not let this matter rest until I receive justice in this matter.

I await some explanation in this matter.

Ms. Elizabeth Griffin


1-242-362-4410 any time before 3 pm Mon. - Fri.

1-305-407-3183 any time after 6 pm.

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