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my story is :

i used 2 coupon for two different customer it does not belong to the customers that i rang the sale for.....Loss Prevention called me after 15 days and asked me to explain what had happened….!

1- I told loss prevention office what happened exactly with the first customer that i rang the sale for.. I was ringing the sale up for the customer and he seen that there is a coupon on the counter for $5 off and he asked me if he can use that coupon with his purchase, i told him ok because we were told never say no to a customer and i was afraid if i did not give him the coupon he will not go thru with the purchase.

2- I told loss prevention what happened with the second situation which is, i had a customer using a $10 discount (day pass) i used it for that customer and i put the pass day discount next to the register and another customer came with their purchase to be rung up and asked me how he can get a discount from Sears.. i answered him that he can go to Sear website or Sears face book and sign up with then then you will start receiving coupons and different offers and i showed him the coupon that i used previously.. at that time he asked me if he can use it, i was confused to say no, so i used it not wanting him to have bad experience at Sears, after that i went to my manager and explained to him what had just acured and he told me you're not supposed to use this for another customer, then i took that coupon and put it in the basket at where we are supposed to put them.

And I never did again with any customer. After i explained everything they tell me you are fired, and this is a $15 loss for our company!! and i told them i will pay this loss but they said you dont have to !!!!!!! I thought that were are here to sell and make sure that the customer is satisfied and we are taught not to say no to a customer and the customer comes first, so i believe it is not fair that i am fired for this reason

I still remember when we had a morning meeting with our department manager and he told us that we have up to $20 in discount if the customer asks for one, he also said that it is easy to give a discount for $20 and the customer return to Sears for more purchases in the future, but it's hard to buy a customer for $20.

i was trying to do a professional job with the customers and make sure that they are satisfied. I feel that i was fired unfairly, when i used to call for help or if i was unsure about something, the manager came to me and said from the whole department you are the only one that calls the manager so much and ask for help or you have a Question you need to do thing on your own, so when i faced this situation with these customers, I was afraid to call a manager so he does not yell at me again and also afraid of the customer saying Sears is cheap and not do the sale.

there was no first or second mistake...... because that happened in same day

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Coupon.

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You knowingly (according to your story) broke the rules, you got caught, and you got fired. How is that not fair?


A girl I worked with got fired for using those coupons that print on someone else's purchase. Its nothing but a waste of paper for Sears yet they don't care


If you were truly being professional then you would not have left the coupons where other customers could see them. If the customer they printed for did not want them policy is to throw them away, immediately.