Parsons, Tennessee
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10-31-12 Received confirmation email from Sears for my king size mattress order with order number

11-01-12 Received email saying order was shipped, but when I got online I could not find where I submitted order or track shipment.

11-02-12 Shipping company gave me courtesy call on 11-02-12 saying they would call when they received the package to make sure I am home so they can deliver it.

11-05-12 Called shipping company in my area they said they have not received the mattress

11-08-12 Called shipping company in my area they have not received the mattress

11-12-12 Called Sear's customer service they could not tell me where the mattress was they will forward the request to the fulfillment center and I will get an email 24-48 hours.

11-12-12 Chat conversation online from, no help said someone would contact me in 5-7 days.

11-12-12 Found that it was charged to my Sears account on 11-01-12. From online receipt: Called 800-349-4358. Was told that the item was sold by Sear's from an Independent carrier in North Carolina

11-13-12 Called shipping company in my area they have no information on it, they cannot see any movement.

11-13-12 Called Kathy at Restonic in NC She says once it leaves their manufacturing plant Home Direct is responsible for it. She says it is in route.

11-13-12 Called Home Direct website does not show it has even been picked up

11-13-12 Called Cargo Consolidation Sales (828) 459-3166 local distributor in Conover, NC left message for Robin.

11-13-12 Called Mattress Co. in NC back, Kathy. She says that if it has a way bill # then it has shipped.

11-13-12 Saw online where other customers have had same problem at Emailed ;and emailed

11-15-12 (delivery date) Received email from Douglas M. (kmedhi) Sears Customer Care 1-800-366-3028, sears media support saying that sears fulfillment will contact me in 5-7 business days.

11-15-13 Checked Home Direct website to track order, it shows no movement it has not even been picked up yet.

11-15-12 Emailed with no response

11-15-12 Called Sear's at 1-800-549-4505 to get charge taken off of credit card or find mattress. I asked to talk to her supervisor to get it taken off my credit card, was placed on hold for over 120 min, then disconnected.

11-15-12 called home direct again they are in Chicago, Illinios they have not received the mattress from the vendor in NC and are not able to help me in any way until they received the mattress.

11-15-12 Called Kathy at Jackson Mattress they have taken it to Cargo Consolidation in Conover NC. She called Home direct and talked to Nina she was supposed to call me, but did not. Called Cargo Consolidation 828-459-3165, Talked to Teresa they have the mattress but they will not ship it until Home direct emails the waybill# to Town Air and Town Air send them the way bill#. I gave them the way bill# but that is not good enough they have to get it from Home direct. Email address is I restated to her so you have the waybill# and you know where it is supposed to go but you will not send it she said yes that's correct.

11-15-12 Called Home Direct again talked to Nina explained everything that Cargo told me. She said she would email them to schedule a pick up and would call me back with an estimated time of arrival.

11-15-12 Emailed Home Direct at

11-15-12 Went online to to dispute charge for mattress.

11-16-12 Called professional logistics in Memphis. He could see where it was shipped from NC at 5 PM on 11-15-12, but that is all, he will call me when he gets it.

11-20-12 Called professional logistics, said it shows no different than on the 16th; they have not received it.

11-20-12 Rcvd email from Sears social media: Dear Mrs. Bawcum,We apologize for the difficulties you have encountered. A case manager has been assigned to address your concerns and we will contact you by the end of business on 11/20/12. Thank you,Tina Williams Sears & Kmart Social Media Team Email: SMSupport@searshc.comHours: Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 8:00PM (CST) Saturday/Sunday – 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM (CST)

11-20-12 Rcvd call from case manager but all he could tell me was I had a delivery date of 12-05-12 and he would follow it until then and see if I received it. I asked many questions but he could not answer any of them all he could say was I'm sorry I will follow your case.

11-22-12 Rcvd email from Dear Sears Customer, Thank you for shopping at!

Our shipper homedirect is waiting for your phone call to schedule your delivery if you could please give them a phone call to set up a delivery date. (800)611-6302

11-26-12 Called Home Direct at 9:30 AM talked to Bruce he looked and saw that it has not moved since 11-15-12 in NC. He said he would look into it and call me back or email me.

11-26-12 Called Cargo Industries they would not even talk to me they said I would have to call

Home Direct to get any information on this.

11-26-12 Emailed inquiring about mattress.

11-27-12 Checked Home Direct Online, now it says order has only been placed, not in transit, not even picked up any more. The pick up agency in NC has changed from Cargo Consolidation to ALL AMERICAN RELOCATION,(704)927-1725

11-27-12 Called Home Direct again talked to Demetria, asked to speak to supervisor. Natalie, answered said she was a manager and she would look into this and call me back today. I explained to her that Nina has told me twice she would call me back and Bruce told me yesterday that he would call me back.

11-27-12 Called Sear's at 1-800-549-4505 asked to speak to a supervisor; they would not let me. She was going to get information from me to connect me to case manager, which is who called me on 11-20-12 but all he was going to do was monitor the order until 12-05-12.

11-27-12 Sent letter to Sears Holding CEO to hopefully get some resolution on this issue and make him aware of how customers are being treated.

Monetary Loss: $490.

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