Tyler, Texas
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If you have an issue, call repair. They will work with you.

This person that was assigned my case is on a power trip, and wants to seems bigger than you. This is why this company is going under. The in store customer service is absolutely the worst I have ever seen--anywhere--in retail. I can't relate to this, because I'm in a career (in my 32nd year) in which I HELP young people--I look for the GOOD in students, and try to insure they are successful--instead of the corollary.

I can't imagine what it is like to sit around and try thwart people's causes. Sorry Sears, but "by the book" and "we don't give an inch" has not worked. You might still be in business if you wouldn't have paid someone a salary to sit around and reject legitimate requests. I can't imagine the appliance department manager at this store holding this position--when I went to him for assistance, he was always tight lipped.

His answer the last time was to shake his head, turn, and walk off. If you can't communicate any better than that, get a non people job. They try to sell used appliances at new prices. Kudos to Rebecca Linn, store manager, who checked her ego at the door and was willing to work with me.

She was a recent hire, even though they are liquidating--which means the one before was probably axed due to poor performance, and Rebecca was hired to close the place. I have owned a major corporation, but I could have given this company a lesson.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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