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Until now, we have bought all of our major appliances at Sears -- but NEVER again!

We bought a Maytag dryer and the delivery date was set for a week later. On the day of the delivery, I was looking forward to arriving home to find my old dryer gone and my new dryer hooked up and ready to process a week of dirty clothes.

Instead I found the dryer in the middle of the downstairs hall, blocking all access. The old dryer was gone but the new dryer wouldn't fit through the door so they just left it! My daughter explained that we would need to solve the door problem (that makes sence) and then call them to have it installed. However, they didn't leave a number to call.

I had to crawl over the dryer to just get in my bedroom!

I removed the door (easy) and moved the dryer into place. I then had no choice except to hook it up myself so we could have some clean clothes to wear.

When I purchased the dryer, I also purchased a new power cord (not included?) and a new exhaust hose. They didn't leave an exhaust hose and the power cord they installed was the wrong one. I spent the evening running back and forth to Home Depot getting the necessary parts, installing the parts and getting the dryer hooked up. WHAT A PAIN!! And I had paid extra to have this done for me!

The next day I called Sears to complain about the incident and get a refund of the extra parts I had paid for. They were nice about it, apologized for the "inconvenience" and promised a quick refund. Then they did nothing.

A number of days later I called back and yelled at them. They apologized again and promised a refund. They even offered a gift card for all the problems. Then they did nothing.... again.

I called back today and spoke to a manager who explained that I had to take this up with the store -- they couldn't do anything about it.


So I called the Sears store and wrestled through their ASININE automatic phone system only to be hung up on twice and dropped in a void once. Once I ended up speaking to their credit card service, who (of course) couldn't help me and told me to "call the store". I still have not been able to speak to a human by calling SEARS.


So it is worth it to drive half a hour to the store to get my $30 refund?

I probably will just to vent my extreme anger AT THE ENTIRE STORE, AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS!!

How is it that a major store like this can have such poor service now?

Does anyone have a suggestion for a good place to buy appliances?


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Sears and Kmart were both bought by a n1gg3r who knows nothing about the retail business. He is more interested in owning real estate than anything else.


Sears and Kmart were both bought by a *** who knows nothing about the retail business. He is more interested in owning real estate than anything else.


I agree. Sears customer service will repeatedly tell you that they "understand your frustration," but then they will tell you that they can't do anything about it.


Jan 23 2012 dryer needed repair, about 3-4 weeks later said parts not available.

Called Sears 1-800-469-4663 was told it will be replaced.

two weeks later called again, they said just waiting for authorization ?

Two weeks later call again, told we do not replace items, you will get a buyout. Ok, so what is the buyout, I'll fwd it to a mgr and they will call you back in a couple days.

Loooog story shore and 30 more phone calls in between ( which never get returned to me ) I bought another dryer NOT FROM SEARS.

two months ago I was told they'll finally send me a $300 gift card for my $13000 dryer that cant be fixed. called them a couple times they're like it takes 4-6 weeks, so after close to two months I finally find out is was not processed at all. but they say they will process it now, sure....

Snowblower : this is rich, prior to above they call me in April 2009, we have a special on warranties for your snowblower, it is only $80, so I foolishly say ok. Nine months later I need serice phone them up and am told the warranty expired ? I told her that I just renewed it in April she said what you bought was a pro rated warranty, it expired in September ! so Sears sold me a summer warranty for my Snowblower !!!! That is criminal......


No.To the *** on where to shop for appliances--there is none.

You are a dumb ***--if you want to scream to get 30 dollars back then something is wrong with you. Apparently you don't realize there is a God. Your death bed is near you dumb ***. How about you learn how to be a better person in society and you won't get messed over.

I swear all these whining idiots--put me in a cage with you and I'd make you all bloody. You are all idiots who whine. Shut up!

You go to the competition--Best Buy? They are closing down and don't know appliances at all!

Home Depot and Lowe's same thing! Sears is the only person with expertise on Appliances--its a shame all the thousands of people who have amazing appliances in their homes don't spend the time you delusional products of BAD PARENTING have like you idiots in writing all this bull.

I just wanted to google this to see if their were idiots and wow--my blood is boiling at how *** society is.*** all of you whining idiots.


You all are idiots.You truly are.

What are you comparing Sears against? What the *** retailer treats you better? You are all products of bad parenting I swear. God needs to wipe out this planet and kill all of us.

I swear the people in this society make me cringe. You whine like an *** when Sears is the only retailer that has stores with more than people who take your money--cashiers. Walmart only has money takers, Target only has money takers, Jc Penny only has money takers. Sears is the only one my family and parents shop at.

We have not had one bad experience. But as one of my professors said--more popular are more the haters come out. It is sad--*sigh.

Ill walk away--all I can do is hope you all die and your family does too.Stop whining and realize you probably did something retarded.


I had been a loyal Sears customer my whole life, and I had bought ALL my home appliances there.Then I bought this service agreement.

I feel now that I have been treated so poorly by Sears that I will NEVER buy anything from this company again. The "service protection" agreement seems to mean that I have to wait on hold, call back many times, get promises to be called back that are never followed up on, wait weeks for a service person to come to my home, have the service person stand me up or show up 30 minutes after the 8 hour window of time I took off from work to wait for him, and be told that NO ONE can deal with my complaint or do anything to help me. The website services are a joke - you're constantly urged to make appts there, but then the website tells you to call.

Sears apparently feels that since they already took my money, they can now treat me like ***.I WILL be posting this same msg online wherever I can.

to KW #739829

It is a real shame that Sears has decided not to do anything about customer service, but instead get employee shills to get online and diss customers who have had insane trouble with Sears.

Sounds like the behavior of a political party, not a business:


After being a loyal customer for 30 years, I will NEVER buy anything again from Sears!On Sept 1 my oven broke, a 2300$$$$ oven!

It was not until Sept 21 that they sent a refrigerator repairman, he did not even know how to turn my oven on! The part was ordered, and today, finally, I was scheduled for a repeat visit. THEY SENT THE SAME REFRIGERATOR REPAIRMAN WHO DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO FIX AN OVEN, AND HE DID IT INCORRECTLY. I am still without a working oven, and I have to turn off the power as it is a fire hazard.

No one will call me. This is the 3rd repair on a very expensive Bosch oven.

They will not replace it.I am never ever going to buy anything at again at sears....NO customer service.



SEARS National Customer Service Centre

c/o President's Office

500 College Street East

Belleville ON K8N 5L3

September 6, 2011

To whom it may concern;

We are writing to bring to your attention a succession of distressing events stemming from a recent purchase at Sears Home, 3050 Vega Boulevard in Mississauga.

On May 22nd we worked with Appliance Consultant Harvinder Kang. Impressed with Harvinder’s knowledge and salesmanship we purchased a dishwasher, microwave, fridge, stove, washer, dryer and pedestals.

We selected a delivery date of July 21st, and were assured by Harvinder that “nothing would show up on our statement until after delivery”.

When we received my June statement the purchases appeared, causing us to return to the store to have the billing rectified.


On Sunday August 7th (17 days after delivery), we contacted Product Repair Services because our fridge was malfunctioning. We were told that the first available technician would arrive on “Tuesday August 9th sometime between 8 am and 8pm”.

We were troubled to learn that given the urgency of our situation, we were asked to wait 48 hours. All of the food in our freezer was thawing, our meat was spoiling and we had to impose on our neighbours and family for aid. In our minds a refrigerator supersedes any other appliance service call given that a fridge must be operational 24 hours a day.


On Monday August 8th, a technician turned up unannounced and unexpected, leaving a ticket inside our door advising us that we had “missed” our service call.

Baffled, we contacted Product Repair Services, posing how it was that a technician showed up a day early without even so much as a phone call. Regrettably we were not extended an explanation, only warned that we needed to “reschedule for the following day”.


On Tuesday August 9th, a technician confirmed that our brand new fridge required a new “mother board”. A critical component of the appliance was inoperative. The technician ordered the part and advised us that Sears would contact us within “48 hours” to conduct the repair.


On Friday August 12th (72 hours later), we received a voicemail from Sears that our part was on “backorder” and our “tentative service date will be Friday August 19th. This equates to 12 days after first contact with Product Repair Services. We were unclear as to how Product Repair Services expected us to survive nearly 2 weeks without our most critical appliance – our fridge. We did not understand how Product Repair Services did not have a major component readily available in stock.


We placed a call on Wednesday August 17th to confirm the arrival window of a technician on Friday August 19th, only to be acquainted with the fact that our “mother board was not in yet” and that the expected arrival date was “unknown”.

There was a gaping void of understanding from the Product Repair Service representative as to the gravity of our circumstances. There was no offer of alternatives, nor any opportunity to escalate our call to a manager or supervisor for assistance.

Destitute, we took it upon ourselves to call Samsung directly for help, only to be abruptly informed that they “don’t take on Sears customers” and that there is some treaty in effect whereby Samsung is “not allowed to talk to Sears customers because Sears has their own parts and service people”.

Feeling more helpless than ever, we made the decision to return our defective fridge before our “30 day satisfaction guarantee” lapsed. We knew that we could no longer endure spoiled food or sustain imposing on neighbours and family.


On Sunday August 21st, we met with Associate Store Manager Charlotte Washington, who offered to replace the defective fridge rather than accept its return. We accepted a replacement fridge, and purchased a 3 year extended warranty feeling utterly compelled to protect ourselves against further failings.

Although we appreciate that Charlotte Washington coordinated a replacement for us, we feel that this was an obvious response to a defective product and nothing more. The fact that Sears provided us with an inoperative fridge and replacement parts were not available, the fundamental expectation would have been a replacement.

We do not view Charlotte’s conduct as any form of compensation or reparation, merely a necessary conviction that Sears replace their faulty stock.


On Wednesday August 24th a new fridge was delivered to our home. When we arrived home from work that evening, we noticed a gray/white piece of plastic lying in our driveway and a tiny spring in our entrance. It was immediately apparent that Sears’s delivery personnel had broken off the “interlocking switch” during the delivery process when they removed the fridge doors to gain entry to our house and chose to suppress the damage.

Although we understand that accidents happen, we are certain that the Sears delivery crew failed to own up to the destruction. Having removed the fridge doors during delivery, it is an impossibility to have not seen the gleaming white plastic breakage of the “interlocking switch” against the gray stainless steel centre of the appliance.

Research into our user manual confirmed that our brand new fridge will never produce ice without an operational “interlocking switch”.

Anguished by such blatant dishonesty and further dismayed by the damage, we made yet another visit to Sears that same evening to report the damage to Charlotte Washington.

In lieu of Charlotte’s absence, we were assisted by “Julie” in Customer Service who was very deliberate in announcing to us that Wednesday August 24th was her “last day at the store”. Our understanding of Julie’s declaration was that she wasn’t going to be around to see our situation through. We could not have been made to feel less important or cared for.

After standing and waiting while Julie ordered us a replacement part, she provided us with a piece of paper denoting “September 27th” as the arrival date for our “interlocking switch”.

This would equate to a 34 day wait period to fix the damage incurred by Sears staff.

At no point during our visit did Julie apologize or address the behaviour of the delivery crew.


The next day, we contacted Charlotte Washington by phone begging her to find a means of expediting the delivery date of our broken part. Charlotte maintained that she was already exploring alternative sources, and stated that she had potential to secure the part “in 4 days”.

Charlotte also recommended that we report the damage to 1-800-664-1888 to avoid risk to our recently purchased 3 year warranty, which we did to “Gayle” at Customer Service Inquiries and Assistance on Thursday August 25th.


Without a follow-up call from Charlotte; on Friday August 26th, there was a message from Product Repair Services on our voicemail confirming that our part had landed and the technician would arrive on Saturday, August 27th between 12 pm and 4 pm.

We assumed of course that Charlotte Washington had come through for us and could not have felt greater satisfaction or relief!


When the technician arrived on Saturday August 27th, he attempted to replace the “mother board” for the initial fridge, and not the “interlocking switch” for our current fridge.

We could barely register our level of disappointment or fathom that we had lost our Saturday to Sears.

We telephoned Charlotte only to be promised that she would “investigate the mix up and get back to us”.


Despite leaving another message for Charlotte Washington on Wednesday August 31st, we have yet to hear back from Charlotte or any Sears representative for that matter.

To state that we are exhausted, wearied, discouraged or exasperated with Sears would be a flagrant understatement. We have invested an irrational number of hours with Sears to acquire a fully functional fridge.

With each call to Product Repair Services we have felt a severe level of indifference. We have yet to encounter a shred of empathy or any regret for all that we have undergone.

We made a deliberate decision to purchase all of our appliances from Sears given only the greatest reputation for service, yet zero effort has been made to compensate us or to salvage us as future customers.

We are asking that Sears National Customer Service Centre take time to validate our details above and provide us with compensation.

We are also asking that Sears National Customer Service Centre work with Product Repair Services to locate an “interlocking switch” for us, and orchestrate a service call at the first available evening or weekend.

Finally, we are seeking enlightenment in the form of an apology from Sears as to how the Product Repair Services Department does not seemingly carry replacement parts that would be necessary to service and ultimately satisfy Sears customers.

Respectfully yours,

Angela Hart

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