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Until now, we have bought all of our major appliances at Sears -- but NEVER again!

We bought a Maytag dryer and the delivery date was set for a week later. On the day of the delivery, I was looking forward to arriving home to find my old dryer gone and my new dryer hooked up and ready to process a week of dirty clothes.

Instead I found the dryer in the middle of the downstairs hall, blocking all access. The old dryer was gone but the new dryer wouldn't fit through the door so they just left it! My daughter explained that we would need to solve the door problem (that makes sence) and then call them to have it installed. However, they didn't leave a number to call.

I had to crawl over the dryer to just get in my bedroom!

I removed the door (easy) and moved the dryer into place. I then had no choice except to hook it up myself so we could have some clean clothes to wear.

When I purchased the dryer, I also purchased a new power cord (not included?) and a new exhaust hose. They didn't leave an exhaust hose and the power cord they installed was the wrong one. I spent the evening running back and forth to Home Depot getting the necessary parts, installing the parts and getting the dryer hooked up. WHAT A PAIN!! And I had paid extra to have this done for me!

The next day I called Sears to complain about the incident and get a refund of the extra parts I had paid for. They were nice about it, apologized for the "inconvenience" and promised a quick refund. Then they did nothing.

A number of days later I called back and yelled at them. They apologized again and promised a refund. They even offered a gift card for all the problems. Then they did nothing.... again.

I called back today and spoke to a manager who explained that I had to take this up with the store -- they couldn't do anything about it.


So I called the Sears store and wrestled through their ASININE automatic phone system only to be hung up on twice and dropped in a void once. Once I ended up speaking to their credit card service, who (of course) couldn't help me and told me to "call the store". I still have not been able to speak to a human by calling SEARS.


So it is worth it to drive half a hour to the store to get my $30 refund?

I probably will just to vent my extreme anger AT THE ENTIRE STORE, AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS!!

How is it that a major store like this can have such poor service now?

Does anyone have a suggestion for a good place to buy appliances?

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BOOBIE...that is all.


I finally did travel to the store location just so I could do some yelling. The store manager quickly refunded me for my parts expenses, cashed out my refund and apologized profusely.

These guys have been well trained and may have a lot of experience with angry customers. I left somewhat satisfied.

But what a bother!


I have been battling MONTHS over getting Sears to COME BACK to do the repair they started. Now they claim I am not in the computer and have never been seen before.

WOW! Explain the green PO sheet I have with your name and mine listed with the parts they ordered for the repair.

After 20 mins of the phone prompt I get connected to a foreign customer service agent who doesn't speak english, *** bag.


George did you even read the *** story before making such a dumb *** comment. Sears *** up.

This person had to clean up THIER mess. Good reason to be angry.

As far as numbers all over Sears what? Does that equal good customer service?

*** NO! GTFOH ***.


Call your sales associate and tell them to send a bank check to you. You will not have to drive over at all. Tell them to give you a call back when they compete the transaction so you will know it has been done.


That's funny. With the paperwork I got with my new Kenmore stuff, there were numbers to Sears all over it.

Sounds like you decided to cut a corner, got frustrated, and are now blaming Sears for your ineptitude.

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