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I just Googled "I Hate Sears" and I can't believe the number of entries. Here's my particular tale:

First off, I am so beside myself I want to hurl my very expensive front loading Kenmore washer out the window and unto the lap of a Sears Board Member. I would like Sears corporate mgmt. to feel the same pit in their stomach as I do when I think about their company. It's sickening.

A month and a half ago, our fairly new washer registered an error code. "Fine," thought I, "Thank God I paid that extra $300 for the extended service agreement." That was on top of the very hefty price tag of $1200. That's $1500 for a washer.

You see, we were replacing ANOTHER front loading washer, the Neptune, because it had died an very premature death. To fix it would have cost more than most people pay for a washer. The Sears serviceman had told us that the Neptunes weren't very good washers anyway. Hmm...nice representation of the company.

But back to the second broken washer. I hunted on the terribly designed Sears website for Repairs. I tried to make an appointment using their site, but it said I didn't have a warranty! So then I hunted for the 'customer service' number and spent a half hour on the phone and digging through receipts to prove to them them that I did, indeed have a warranty.

Finally, the first service call was arranged. Only they only serviced my area every 2 weeks. Argh. 2 weeks without a washer (family of 4, summer time...). 2 weeks later, the serviceman arrives, doesn't seem to understand the washer and then finally says that he can't fix it, it needs a part. I inquire why he doesn't carry parts in his service van. He says he does, but the Sears policy is that if it's an expensive part, it must be ordered. By the way, it'll take another 2 weeks. I'm getting really annoyed by this point with the Sears system of repair.

2 weeks later, he comes again, but the part does not. He leaves. 2 hours later (the same day) the part arrives. I call Sears repair again (the process of speaking to a machine is driving me nuts by this time). I tell them to get their serviceman back and fix my washer. Again, I'm told that they're very sorry but this is just the way it is and I'll have to wait another 2 weeks for him to install the part.

2 weeks later (today) - he comes back. Did I mention that every time Sears schedules a "service" call, they give you a window of between 8am-5pm? So far, this is 3 days of missed work and 6 weeks without a washer. About $150 spent so far at the laundry drop off and hauling wet clothes to friends' and neighbors' houses. I'm really kicking myself at this point for spending $1500 at Sears.

He comes back today at 4:45pm (I've waited all day) and says that he can't fix it – and get this – that it needs another part!!! He says to call Sears when I get the part and sets up another appointment for 2 weeks from now. Now we're going on 2 months, basically the entire summer, without a washer for a family of four.

Of course I called "Sears customer service" for about the 25th (I'm not kidding) time and spend 15 minutes on the phone with a machine, finally get person and that person says there's really not much they can do. Is this GroundHog day? There is something seriously wrong with this company.

I spent 15 years in advertising in New York and let me tell you, Sears has a serious "customer service" problem on their hands. Their 'system' creates an inability for their employees to problem solve and actually help their customers. And it is obvious by the tenor of the conversations I've had with Sears representatives that they understand that they are completely powerless to help the very customers that are coming to them with issues that need resolving. 2 weeks...I'm dubious about whether or not my washer will be fixed, but I can assure you that my customer satisfaction is beyond repair.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

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Sears is horrible. Terrible customer service.

After 46 yrs being a loyal customer, I will never purchase a thing from them again. I will tell everyone I know.


Called Sears Automotive, Sacramento, 5 years ago about getting a possible California Emissions test on my vehicle. The low-bred individual on the phone informed me in a snotty tone of voice "We don't do Smog Checks" (Why the MF not?!) I got my Emissions test elsewhere.

Fast forward one year; I dropped by Sears Automotive, Sacramento to purchase a simple "anti-theft steering wheel lock" (for the same vehicle). Guess what - they don't carry any such device.

I had to go to Auto Zone for that purchase. Grand finale; despite the fact that I ALWAYS paid my Sears card bill off in full every month, they deleted my Sears card because my FICO was 600-something.


Sears SUCKS! I always bought SEARS appliances, but the last 4 Appliances I have bought from a local small, family owned business I can actually get a human on the phone who knows what is going on and help me.

I can also drive there and speak to them in person.

With SEARS I have to wait forever to get a human on the phone, and they are usually very far away. Buy locally if you can!!


Sears sucks.


I guess that is why they are going out of business.


I bought an expensive refrigerator from Sears and 18 months later it stopped working. 2 weeks until the Sears warranty guy could come out.

Two weeks later till he could get the part. 1 week later 2 guys put in a new compressor. Still it only worked one day. 2 weeks more to wait for another service guy.

The guy didn't come in to work that day so another 2 week scheduling wait. What a horrible company, atrocious service.

They are just winding out the clock. No promises from this company.


Two years later I'm having similar experience. Our three year old kenmore Elite stopped cooling.

Sears service center is not local and has no idea what is going on. After 2 weeks, the repairman couldn't find parking and left w/o contacting us to see if we could help. After the next wait, he showed up and diagnosed the compressor as broken (we had another company come first before I realized the compressor was under warranty and we shouldn't pay for that). The compressor was ordered and delivered.

Three weeks later the appointment was cancelled until the following week. We've been putting our car on the street to hold a space and using Lyft.

So we are 1.5 months into this and no repair. I know they went bankrupt in the middle of this drama so I'm not surprised how badly this is going down.


Repair guy just left...won't bore you with the details of my saga, but it will be almost 2 weeks before my less than 3 year old fridge is fixed and I had to give them $600 up front. The people we spoke with on the phone assured us the guy was coming to fix the fridge today (we had already had a repair guy out 3 days before to diagnose the problem).

But no, this guy just wanted money for the part which will take 10 days to get here. Apparently Sears orders it's parts from a galaxy far far away...take the advice of many-- never have any dealings with Sears!


Sears can't get anything right. They screw up orders and have a very poor deliver service. I will never shop there again.


I feel your pain and have been through their rude customer service as well. How do we get this company to care about good customer service?

One of the representatives had the gall to tell me "you are getting customer service, not just one to your satisfaction".


Sears really sucks it all starts at the top they don't care


It sure does. Customer service doesn't know it's a thing.


All consumers beware of Sears lack of warranty service on appliances. I purchased a stand alone refrigerator and matching freezer 6 years ago.

The refrigerator developed a refrigerant leak in the coils. Non repair, throwaway unit. I tried to order a new unit to match the freezer. When it arrived it was completely different.

I finally opted to pay extra for a side by side with bottom freezer Kenmore Elite.

Top of the line almost $2500. Two months ago the freezer started developing ice in the air ducts and blocking the circulation fan. My first repair appointment would be over three weeks wait. An emergency came up and I had to reschedule the week of the service call.

Another three weeks for a service call this time they decided to order parts to be sent to my house. A part arrived about ten days later.

Now I am self employed so it is not easy for me to take time off to be home for a service call that is scheduled between 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Not only is it difficult but a tremendous loss of income.

My service appointment is set for June 4. On the afternoon of June 3 a automated call from Sears informs me that since all the parts were not shipped my service call must be rescheduled.

I had already made arrangements to be home turning down work at a cost of $1000.

When I called I was informed the part would not be available for shipment until June 6 and that she could not tell me when another service call would be available I complained. I was called unreasonable.

Now here it is in a nut shell. I replaced a six year old Sears refrigerator that could not be repaired with a top of the line Sears refrigerator that became inoperative less than six months after purchase. Because it takes Sears Appliance Service weeks to make a service call I am forced to rely on a 25 year old refrigerator in my basement.

The day before a scheduled service call I am informed they must reschedule because they do not have a part for a appointment that was made three weeks ago. This has cost me time off work and an income of $1000. And I am unreasonable? These calls are all handled outside the U.S.

by someone with poor English and I am unreasonable. I gave this women a full demonstration of unreasonable. I will never darken the doors of Sears again in my life. No wonder they are going broke.

I tried to post the to Sears facebook page and it blocked me. Buyer Beware.


I have had similar problems with this detestable company. After multiple calls and hours on hold and being disconnected many times and waiting a week for service on my Kenmore clothes dryer and having given the usual 8 to 5 time frame, the tech guy came.

His shirt was hanging out of his pants. He was a slob!

He spent an hour working on the machine, said it was fine and left. Guess what? It is still broken!

When I called back, I was told he would come back the same day.

Of course he never came. When I called to have someone come the next day, I was told that there were no openings for a week! I had to go to the end of the line and start again. I am still waiting.

I have had service contracts with Sears for many years.

No more!

Also, I will never again enter a Sears or K Mart store again and I will spread the word about these ***-bums as much as I can. Of course this also includes the worst service company- A&E in the entire world.

I am truly sorry for the good people who have to work for them, but I hope they go out of business.


I purchased a piece of furniture from Sears Canada based on the Internet description of it coming assembled. I was shocked to receive a flat box and some of the screws are missing.

I called customer service and the best they can do for me is have me put 85 dollars on my credit card for an installer to come out to try to assemble it. Then I would get a credit for this amount. I said I already wasted almost 400 dollars for a piece of junk with fibreboard and I was already misled and I cannot trust them. I told them that I am going to cancel my Sears card, boycott the store and advise all people over age 50 to boycott them since they are not age friendly.

I will just have to toss the damned thing into the dumpster for the rats to feast on the fibreboard at the landfill. Boomers and seniors boycott Sears canada. There is no decent customer service and they don't respect the consumer for big ticket large items.

Clothes may be ok but I have had it with them. I vote with my wallet and I could have been a customer for 30 more years but they have lost me forever.


Sears hates me! Why? Because I went shopping there.


I HATE SEARS! My front load washer stopped spinning.

I called Sears repair - BIG MISTAKE. 1st they told me on the phone it would cost $65 to have them come out. The guy comes, goes down into my basement for 10-15 mins., comes up and tells me "the motor is all rusted out - it's shot." Tells me it'll cost $400 to put in a new motor but that I can just buy a new machine for $400. Then he bills me for $75 not $65.

I go online to see what is involved with replacing the motor, maybe my boyfriend and I can do it ourselves and save money, right? I found MULTIPLE websites that said the same symptoms my machine had (filling and draining but only humming when it should spin) could be as simple as a clogged coin trap. In less time than the guy was in my house we cleaned the trap and I have since done 3 loads with my "rusted out and shot" motor!!! And you have to know - had I run out and bought a new machine they would have taken away my old one - like they are so nice.

But then I bet they would clean the coin trap and sell it as "refurbished" for another $250 profit for them!

And to add insult to injury they refused to refund the $75 it cost me to have their guy do NOTHING and then try to rip me off! :( The attitude I have run into again and again with them on this makes me believe this is SOP for Sears repair - USE ANYONE ELSE BUT THEM!