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About 15 years ago I purchased a Craftsman industrial pro series top and bottom tool box. This tool box was the top of the line model and the most expensive.

Along with the top of price came the lifetime repair or replace warranty. After several years of professional use I had only had a few problems with it, the replacement parts were ordered and sent to my home by the store hardware manager. Now my tool box needs some more replacement parts. One drawer won't close due to broken slides, both top gas struts quit working, the drawer detente clips are all broken, the remaining slides are worn out, and the casters are shot.

I called the store, they said call service. I called service, they said call the store. After over two hours of phone calls I was left upset and confused. No one will honor my warranty!

Yet another call was made to Brandon the hardware manager, he said he would send out a help ticket and call me in a few days. After a few days went by and no calls I contacted sears corporate blue ribbon customer service. Adria was assigned to help me, she said she would email a case number and call me back within 24 hours. It's been 4 days, I've left a message twice and still no call or email.

Meanwhile six days after I called Brandon, he left me a message that I should call the company that makes the craftsman tool box for them and see what they could do. Who is my warranty with? I bought a craftsman tool box not a Waterloo tool box. Now I have to find parts and fix it myself?

One of the sad parts to this story is that I told Brandon I was looking to buy another box as well. Too bad now, I'M DONE! Right now I own 6 craftsman rolling tool boxes, the next will be a matco!

No more sears! I have failed to mention that I am a former sears tool dept associate and manager, during my 6 year tour with sears I received many customer service awards and ALWAYS kept my loyal customers coming back.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Replacement.

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It is Sad to see what this company has turned into. The same management that brought Kmart down now is bringing Sears down.

I still work there but I see everyday how this good for nothing executives in Hoffman are destrying this company while making 100 of thousands of dollars. It sucks. Take the tool box to Sears and demand a replacement on the Craftman Warranty. Alos call the 800 customer service number.

Do not call corporate they are all *** over there.

Sit in the Store until you get your way. The managers at Sears dont like confrontation and wll give their daughters to a very angry customer