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I really value your comment, but here's my dilemma; I’m an international customer so when I call SEARS I pay international rates. I’ve provided them with my number but they do not call. When I have phoned, they have kept me on the line for up to 35 minutes (putting me on “hold”).

Given that Sears have been *** at dealing with my complaint so far, what are the chances that this call will help? If it is anything like SEARS CARES they ask for more information then never get back in touch. And they never give direct email addresses, only a generic address that doesn’t answer.


All I can do is warm others about this shoddy service from a disreputable company.

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I have been ‘Seared’!

Sears:- verb (used with object) meaning; to burn or scorch injuriously or painfully: or to make callous or unfeeling.

I have been Seared. I have been burnt by Sears and it has been a painful process with a scar from their callous and unfeeling customer response, their hollow and broken promises and the financial damage and loss that came from revealing my credit card details to them.

I tried to buy a mobile phone they advertised. They accepted the order, subsequently cancelling and blaming their supplier for cancelling. They offered me a refund which they then retracted. And they have offered to resolve the matter on a number of occasions, but when I reply I hear absolutely nothing from them!!

I have raised this with many in Sears, and have been ignored – Do NOT be fooled by the Sears Cares representatives that offer help; when I respond they don’t even return my email.

Think very carefully before dealing with Sears and if you do decide to buy from them then THINK AGAIN.

They are the worst and most arrogant company I have had the misfortune to deal with.

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London, England, United Kingdom #624860

I wrote to the most senior executives and summarised their misadvertising and maltreatment. I highlighted their threats (subsequently carried out) that, if I made complaints about their service, I would be banned).

No reply weeks later leads me to the conclusion that the executive management fully supports these bully-boy tactics

Conroe, Texas, United States #604836

Call the executive offices! They have to listen and open a case.

I fooled with Customer Care (not) Dept for 2-1/2 weeks before finally calling higher up. Their number is 800-995-2139.

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