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We bought our $1,963.23 stove on 9-12-99, and it has never worked correctly. We have a warranty valid until 3-4-2010. The latest episode began 8-8-08 when Chris, a technician, ordered parts he said we needed. (We have the receipt.) He came again, blaming Sears for the fact that the part didn't get ordered. Sears blamed him. (We also have this receipt.) Finally, my husband called and got the usual runaround, talking with a Tiffany and Joy. Parts were supposed to be ordered 0n 9-10-08. Next, John, another technician, said he would make sure we were taken care of. (We have that receipt as well.) He gave us his cell number (which wasn't valid), had us sign a receipt. At the time, I didn't notice that this receipt was for some woman, Guadalupe, who needed a washer repaired. All technicians say they can see the the liquid in a pan slides to one side, etc. etc. It never gets fixed.

Today, Customer Relations cut me off. I started again and was told that they are not going to cover what the technicians said was needed. I asked what we were getting for our warranty, and she had the gall to say repairs and service.

At the least, they should honor the warranty starting now and refund the nine years we've paid for for next to nothing.

We will never again shop at Sears. They make their money on warranties and products they don't back.

We are totally disgusted with the treatment and everything that Sears now stands for!!!!

Toni Baldwin

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Unless you have an actual part or merchandise reciept the part was probably never ordered.

I understand they were supposed to order the part and put it in the narrative of the service call.But even though those records are computerized they do not automatically order parts nor are they read.

Signing the wrong reciept was either the tech covering for a forgotten invoice,trying to get proof for a service call he didn't do or just sloppy work.

In some respects that's good news because they don't have a signed reciept from you on that last call-unless he had someone else sign it.

You could try going higher up the corporate ladder or you could start filing complaints with the local BBB or the state insurance commission.

Good Luck