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My credit report keeps showing that I have a Sears credit card since August of 1992. 1992 people!

I never applied for one, never had one, never got a bill for the one they said I have yet it shows up on my credit report. I tracked it to an address in CA. I wrote Transunion and told them it was not mine. Yet somehow it still shows up.

I've written Sears and get NO RESPONSE. Seems that it's acceptable for the person to steal my ID and social security number. They're not worried, yet it jacks me up all the time. My social security number is being used by someone and it affects my credit.

It affects my LIFE. I'd like to see the contract I signed and see who did sign it because it's not me. This is identity theft and it has gone on for years. The limit used to be $5000, then went down to $2000 this past year, but since I wrote Transunion with my complaint instead of it being taken off, the limit is now $0.

Oh nice, is that their way of handling it? Screw me up even more??? The freaking thing is still on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want it off my record.

SEARS does NOTHING. NOTHING. What the *** people?? This is a nightmare for me.

I need help and some kind of action that actually takes care of it. I have the address of the house that's listed on my credit report where I never lived. That's next. I can't believe this ***.

SEARS has absolutely no phone numbers listed or emails for people to contact them. Probably because they do *** like this all the time. The letters I have written probably all went into a shredder.

I am dumbfounded by the complete lack of integrity. I tried writing the value of my loss is 5000 times twenty years but it won't let me go that high.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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