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It is sad that reputed companies are not able to fulfill the promises they make to their customers. Sears is a trusted brand and most people take the extended warranty offered by the company because they believe that they will not be short-changed by the company.

When I read your article, I was aghast at the poor service standards of the company. They charge hundreds of dollars for extended warranty and when the time comes to repairing or replacing the product, they come out with flimsy excuses. Also, their poor service quality speaks volume about the seriousness of the company in solving the problem of customers. If Sears wants to maintain its reputation, it should either stop offering extended warranty contracts or should take steps to revamp their service them.

Having just 6000 service personal for more than 11 million service calls is appalling. They should increase the number of service personal and take steps to improve customer satisfaction. Also, they should conduct training programs for their technician. This will not only help in improving customer satisfaction but will also reduce the chances of repeated complaints from the same customer.

The customer service team of Sears must also call their customers before the service call is closed to check their satisfaction level. This will reduce customer dissatisfaction and improve their service standard. If the customers are still unhappy with the extended warranty offered by Sears, it is in their interest to use the service of an appliance repair company. Instead of paying Sears for extended warranty, they can put that money in a Home Improvement fund.

This fund can be used to by them to repair the appliances that are faulty. This will ensure that their machine is repaired by people who have the skill and experience to troubleshoot the problem in the machine.

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