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I bought a washer and dryer set via online layaway with Sears, I paid it off in full and was not late on any payments. I ended up not needing the washer and dryer set so went into my local store where I had originally opted to pick them up, so I could request a refund.

Let's not fail to mention I tried calling this store SEVERAL times 1st, no one ever answers the phone. There are SEVERAL Google reviews on this store going back more than a year that all mention how no one answers the phone at this astute. After dealing with the ladies in store who didn't know what they were doing, I was told since it was an online layaway, I needed to call the online layaway department because there was nothing they could do in-store. So...

I call Sears online layaway (where they outsource all their calls) already a bit irritated at this point, I wait on hold 12 minutes, get transferred to about 3 different departments to whom which I all explained my story too, only for them to transfer me. I finally get the sears online layaway customer resolutions department (they were useless) I tell them that the merchandise was paid in full, the store still has it and I want a refund, the call gets disconnected (on their end) I call back, go through all that again, only to be told that they couldn't help me and I needed to go In the store! Are you bleeping kidding me!!? I was even more irritated at this point, I call and call, and call the store, no one answers.

Try back and finally get someone a day later, I tell them I want to speak to a manager (I'm not the "speak to a manager" type either). I am put on the phone with the supposed manager who was probably the most unprofessional "manager" I've ever talked too. I tell her what happened she said she'd look into and call me back by end of the day. I didn't hear from her, I try to call back next day, no answer.

So I go into the store, I talk to the store manager and another employee who says she's tried to call me back but kept getting someone else's voicemail, she confirms my phone number, I say yes, that is the right number. Seems she was dialing the number, but using the local area code, not my area code, but couldn't admit her inaccuracy. She said supposedly, they worked on it and then the assistant manager chimed in and said I'd be refunded. The lady tells me about 3 business days.

She also says in-store can't see any online information, whereas online people say they can't see in-store information) no one apologizes for anything, and it seems Sears has a serious problem with communication which they don't seem to fix, or care too. This is not my problem, this is Sears! That night I receive an email from Sears online saying they can't refund me, that I need to go in-store. I called customer service (again) only to be told to contact the store.

There's a reason why Sears is going out of business, they SUCK and could really care less about their customers, I've never jumped through so many hoops in my life. Here we are, 5 days later... still no refund! I don't know how I'll even receive my refund, no one knows anything, even tried to call corporate which also re-routes their calls overseas!

I can't get answers from ANYONE. I've had it!

Sears has the merchandise, yet I can't get answers, or my refund for that matter! This is why Sears is slowly going out of business!

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Customer Care.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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