We bought new refrigerator, then 3 weeks later a dishwasher from Sears (a week ago).We paid $120 for the installation for the dishwasher.

The guy they sent was unbelievably rude, and damaged our brand new countertops and a cupboard while installing it. He didn't say anything about the damage til the brackets fell out as soon as we opened the door, and had to have him back out. He was even ruder the second time. Upon calling Sears, and being sent through dozens of people, retelling the situation, promises to return calls to us, and people hanging up on us, we've demanded a refund for the installation, and an apology, which they refuse.

Good luck, if you think Sears is the way it used to be. It's not even close!!!!!!

We will never purchase another item from Sears after this!

(double good luck getting better treatment from the corporate office...they were even ruder!)

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